Barcelona Airport T1 pics

But getting there is still a pain in one's posterior end.

Trebots @ Tuesday January 12th 2010 08:25

Airports always look better in half-light.

There is continuing confusion among people about how to get to the terminal which was constructed second and is therefore known as T1. T1 has taken quite a lot of T2's traffic, but is much less easily and cheaply accessible by land. T2 is easily walkable from central Barcelona, while walking to T1 may lead to police warnings. Line 9 of Barcelona metro seems to be going to open in 2014: great news surely for everyone except bastard thieving taxi drivers.

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  1. Tom
    January 12th 2010 13:16


  2. Trevor
    January 12th 2010 19:31

    I thought it was your lot who coined the phrase "I disapprove of what you say, so the comrades will be round to kill you later."


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