José Antonio and José María get dressed.

Trebots @ Tuesday December 28th 2004 15:23

José Antonio and José María are elderly, identical twins who own a small sheep farm in the mountains. They spend much of their time lurking next to a 40s threshing machine in their barn door and the remainder in the village bar.
JA: The lights went off at 6:30 this morning just as I was about to put on my trousers.
JM: So he put mine on by mistake.
JA: And he put mine on.
JM: That's why I didn't shave, so people could tell us apart.
JA: He never shaves when there's a powercut. Thinks it will attract the girls.
JM: See, I'm the youngest. He's past it.
JA: There's sheepshit on my trousers.

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