Harry Potter terror

More on the strange case of the teenage mail-bomb and Harry Potter fanatic.

Trebots @ Wednesday December 15th 2004 14:22

Eric, aka The Order of the Phoenix, is the 14-year-old from Lloret who was caught by the Guardia Civil sending mail to Dia, Mercadona and Leche Pascual threatening them with a DOS attack if they didn't immediately start labelling products in Catalan. Anyway, today he's apparently been called to appear in court in Madrid to explain what happened, perhaps because the police think it wasn't him making the threats. There's a lot of low-level Catalanista and left-wing violence here, so it seems fair enough to me, although the usual idiots are up in arms.

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  1. Geoff
    December 15th 2004 14:59

    For once I agree with you. He committed a crime and should be punished for it, although I guess the judge will take age and stupidity into consideration.


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