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Gironese secessionist politico Francesc Ferrer, an obsessive self-publicist with what looks like an advanced persecution complex, has always unjustly been reduced to scribbling in green on the margins of global discourse. Fortunately the man has now started publishing a distinctly Gogolian blog on his splendid website. Here's a contribution for 2003/12/20:

The decicision [sic] of those who think they run Girona Town Council to halt construction of the carpark on La Creu Street and to decide to transfer it to Emili Grahit Street on the site of the Barracks is an authentic resolution of an absolute monarchy. In spite of obeying the popular will [this is what the residents wanted] it is the fruit of an all-enveloping absolute and despotic Socialist approach.

More later re Ferrer and, in particular, his compendium of Some More Bad Things Spain Did To Us, La Persecució Política de la Llengua Catalana. One of the interesting things about this rant and other noxious emissions over the last couple of weeks is that he seems never to have got worked up about the other newsworthy angle on the ruling Catalan socialists (PSC) and their enthusiasm for carparks: that the winning tender was from a virtual company formed just in time to have its tender accepted by the PSC. (The paper in which this report by David Céspedes appeared, El Diari de Girona, contains some good stuff. Unfortunately it seems to have shut out Google and has one of the worst archive search functions I've seen for a long time.)

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