The baldie is fled, long live the baldie!

The business (basically a CRM database) passed into better hands in 2012. These materials remain here for cannibalisation and amusement.

The baldie meanwhile has found pastures new: as a singing organ-grinder for your event in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Spain! Town and country walking and study tours in Barcelona and the Western Med
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Blog archives for March, 2011

Heron City, Meridiana, Barcelona to Cerdanyola on foot

Since someone asked, here's what I can remember. Walking time probably 2.5 hours. Your money back if you die of hunger or are eaten by wolves. Head to Roquetes more or less via Via Julia metro (couple of excellent bars in the pedestrian street leading up to it), walk to the top of the shantytown […]

Posted by admin on Sunday March 27th 2011 at 19:30. Comments Off on Heron City, Meridiana, Barcelona to Cerdanyola on foot
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Located, the fifth fanny / Encontrado, el quinto coño

"El quinto coño" refers, for reasons unclear even to connoisseurs of Jamesian multivulvular theory, to an almost impossibly far-away place. There's a meme going round at the moment which places it in an undetermined locality in Murcia. Murcia is not far away from anywhere, so this is presumably Valencian slander. Restaurante el Quinto Coño is […]

Posted by admin on Wednesday March 23rd 2011 at 11:43. Comments Off on Located, the fifth fanny / Encontrado, el quinto coño
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Church of Sant Pau at Montmany about to fall down?

That's the claim here, although I have to say it doesn't seem to have got much worse in the years I've been basing a route around it. Partial collapse, leaving accessible Gothic-ish ruins, might even be preferable, but if it disappeared completely and the mad, mad farm next door were to be civilised then the […]

Posted by admin on Monday March 21st 2011 at 22:04. Comments Off on Church of Sant Pau at Montmany about to fall down?
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Story of my life

From Hansel and Gretel, a 1954 stop-motion feature based on Humperdinck's children's opera: Michael Sporn has some more on the film. The Padraic Colum writing credit has me re-arranging my mental furniture - he was in his early 70s by then, and I'm afraid if you asked me for an Irish writer contributing to late […]

Posted by admin on Wednesday March 16th 2011 at 23:20. Comments Off on Story of my life

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