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Attack of the killer pheasant

Posted: October 30th 2012 23:52.

With some folk geography and a would-be eggcorn.

Video in Spanish by foreign language students warning against street crime in Barcelona

Posted: August 24th 2012 12:09.

I thought the reënactments in the second half were rather good. One of the commenters, however, mistook the medium for the message and was seized by an attack of lust. (Via Robbed in Barcelona. Here's one I managed to photograph, in Vilafranca del Penedès.)

Please God let Deutsche Bahn run Spain’s trains

Posted: August 23rd 2012 20:11.

For example, a decade later, Deutsche Bahn continues to offer better Spanish timetable info than Renfe, the data's owner, and in English.

21 today-ish

Posted: August 7th 2012 23:07.

A quick pannieregyric to my Agu Sport Quorum canvas udders.

Free walk west from Gatwick to Ockley station, for trains to London and south

Posted: July 9th 2012 10:37.

Here. More photos some other time.

Creative pyromania

Posted: July 3rd 2012 11:37.

The best way to avoid the repetition of Valencia et al's disastrous forest fires and create walkable woodlands.

Introducing the Gaudí Experience theme park

Posted: June 15th 2012 11:38.

"The genius, the mysterious, the controversial, the visionary, the innovative, the excesive... The Icon."

Excellent mashup of the visible and the invisible on the Appian way

Posted: June 12th 2012 13:13.

Robert Kaster & spouse did this, and much, much more, and the resulting book - thanks tender sender! - is thoroughly recommended. (And don't worry: seasoned jaywalkers won't find the first bit anything like as frightening as they did: they're drivers rather than walkers, and I'll bet a really pedantic researcher could dig out something […]

Beyond spacetime

Posted: May 28th 2012 22:55.

Dimension inflation in Girona, Spain.

Ring cycle tour crash blossoms

Posted: May 24th 2012 20:34.

Someone has forwarded mail from Martin Randall Travel offering "Ring cycle tours in Beriln and Seattle", and I guess there'll be a great flowering of this delicious ambiguity as we approach the bicentenary of Wagner's birth. Hardo Wagner makes touring bikes, R&B Wagner make bike racks, and Peter Wagner created the WhymCycle, but none of […]

Extra Marseille guide needed

Posted: May 20th 2012 19:11.

We need an extra native-English-speaking guide needed for occasional Marseilles tours with smallish (cruise) groups. You'll need an excellent knowledge of the history and culture of the city, fluent French, and an ability to customise your programme to...

Free walk from Girona Airport to Riudellots train station

Posted: May 13th 2012 16:57.

Filth, urban sprawl, prostitutes: what better way to recover from Ryanair? Here.

Sonnet for Sassoon

Posted: May 10th 2012 00:17.

Vidal "Bob" Sassoon has kicked his bucket His heaters lie forlorn upon the floor The king of Mayfair perms will mould no more And maidens weep from here to distant Phuket. He never cut no hair in grey Nantucket Those frozen coasts he found a dreadful s...

More pics of the free Bournemouth airport walk

Posted: April 21st 2012 13:05.

Here. (Brickfield is larger than Jacob Armitage's cottage, and Arnwood is between New Milton and Lymington, but use your imagination.)


Posted: April 10th 2012 20:49.

Over at the brutal Andalusian money-and-power blog, Ibex Salad, with apologies to Mr Bosch - his brilliant technique and his ability to weave conventional religious narrative into the most tremendous spectacles mean I feel slightly guilty ripping him o...

Old China, new Spain?

Posted: April 8th 2012 11:04.

With a rather nice & interesting group (honest!) from PRC in a train in up-state Gerona: The train stops and is invaded by children in uniform who sit down and start singing militaristic-patriotic songs. I don't know if scouting was banned in Chin...

Free route description for 500km cycling tour of mountainous south-central France

Posted: April 6th 2012 01:56.

Featuring bit of the Cévennes, part of the volcanoes of the Auvergne; the departments of Lozère, Ardèche, Cantal, Lot, Aveyron, and Tarn; and the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne, and Midi-Pyrénées.

Announcing a 9-day tour of northern Spain’s industrial heritage in September 2012

Posted: March 9th 2012 23:43.

Being a lengthy and wearisome personal declaration followed by two crucial links and an opera.

A ruined textile workshop on the banks of the Llobregat

Posted: March 8th 2012 11:43.

A macabre pleasure of the Llobregat valley over the past few years has being able to walk into the factories and workshops of this once great manufacturing zone as they close. The non-fixed assets are worthless, industrial space is not exactly at a pre...

Pisa bar fined €1000 for charging Spanish tourist €26 for 3 * (coffee + brioche)

Posted: January 26th 2012 20:49.

Here. Apparently the barman thought the guy was from Barcelona and wanted to make him feel at home. Why on earth was crucifixion along the Appian Way abolished?


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