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How to get on spammers’ lists for ever

Posted: August 8th 2010 21:56. Last modified: August 8th 2010 22:03

And make Kalebeul's fortune in the process.

Otra Liga es posible

Posted: March 12th 2010 13:21. Last modified: March 12th 2010 13:28

An Iberian proposal would slash wage costs, free up time and talent for cashflow-friendly shagshow opportunities, and assimilate football to mainstream Peninsular cultural practice.

How not to win la Guerra de los Toros, or The Cattle Raid of Cooley revisited

Posted: March 6th 2010 11:12. Last modified: March 6th 2010 11:36

Some historical advice from an Irish perspective for Esperanza Aguirre on the pitfalls of attempting to demonstrate by symbolic means the virile and libertarian spirit of Madrid in the invented and regrettable conflict between it and doldrummed Barcelona.

Is the anglocabrón longing for sun, sangria and sex a new phenomenon?

Posted: October 2nd 2009 19:26. Last modified: October 6th 2009 08:23

Blasco Ibáñez says that actually we have always thought "at all hours of the Mediterranean rim."

Bites with denomination of origin

Posted: September 28th 2009 15:24. Last modified: September 28th 2009 15:26

Tracing that hot doggie.

El gallito inglés / le coq anglais

Posted: September 15th 2009 16:47. Last modified: February 2nd 2010 22:41

Proud English cock, limp Latin hen: the binary opposition of English and Spanish fowls as a metaphor for the contrast between growing British military might and declining Spanish power.

Nationalism and the European elections, Berlusconi and the intra-Mediterranean risorgimento

Posted: June 1st 2009 11:37. Last modified: June 1st 2009 11:45

Link love for 01/06/2009.

Link sink for 30/05/2009

Posted: May 30th 2009 11:54. Last modified: May 30th 2009 11:55

Mid-20th century Ibero-American hits, state-controlled media, the personal and the public.

Entertaining video of prostitutes and thieves on the Rambla

Posted: May 6th 2009 08:22. Last modified: May 6th 2009 08:26

By Ramon Vila & Marta Cuatrecasas

Go forth and multiply

Posted: April 2nd 2009 16:15. Last modified: April 2nd 2009 16:16

Witness accounts from the records of the Spanish Inquisition in Córdoba.

Venus de Milo tribute in Villanueva y Geltrú

Posted: March 9th 2009 10:41. Last modified: November 13th 2012 11:45

And what to do when those boring old marble columns get in the way of your new staircase.

1485, and how to beat it

Posted: February 27th 2009 23:28. Last modified: June 17th 2010 17:10

Use spam calls from Telefónica as a free sex chat service and they may leave you alone.

Jaws is not a feminist shero

Posted: January 9th 2009 16:16. Last modified: January 9th 2009 17:14

Lunch topics: Marianism and genital iconography, as in The Virgin Mary is a hairy vagina. Conclusion: this one smells of red herring--she actually belongs to the sun. The inability of "artists" to fit a proper fanny and a proper face into the same screen. The three best known forerunners of Bob Guccione-style gynaecology, Courbet's stilled […]

Sales on Moix

Posted: December 17th 2008 10:12. Last modified: December 17th 2008 13:42

Carles Miró has conducted a lightning dawn raid on the correspondence between the publisher Joan Sales and his star author Mercè Rodoreda. Sales on Terenci Moix, a late 20th century chat show lit celeb: "Young Moix is a sadoleninist, one of those who consider that today simple homosexuality is nothing but a joke, that anything […]

Horny ancient Rome, or taking the virtue out of virtual

Posted: December 10th 2008 01:05. Last modified: February 27th 2009 12:47

The Google Earth version of ancient Rome is a bit like a collection of faked-up trainspotters' notebooks. Until they find some way of populating it with exfoliant opera, our best bet as responsible amateur social historians is the porn industry: European production company Daring Media Group will release its first movie, Roma, in October at […]

“What is art in Latin countries is obscenity in the Nordic north”

Posted: November 23rd 2008 20:02. Last modified: November 23rd 2008 20:27

JD had a bit more Time than I did and kindly sent me an article from 1930 which turns the tables on the filthy Swedes discussed this morning. It seems that towards the end of Primo de Rivera's dictatorship the Spanish postal service issued a stamp of Goya's unshaven maja desnuda. Time writes: The stamps […]

Towards a noun-free Southern Europe

Posted: November 18th 2008 19:28. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:31

Tim the Translator is not happy with a diktat on non-sexist language issued by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which includes a recommendation to use passive reflexive (which may well be distinct from reflexive passive) constructs like "it will be ruled judicially..." in order to avoid discriminatory acts like "the judge [m] will rule...". He […]

Tapas bars, a British invention?

Posted: October 25th 2008 11:12. Last modified: October 25th 2008 11:15

This isn't about who invented bar snacks, or about why one particular gibber of Catalan nationalism should want to deny having invented them. Someone speculated drunkenly last night that, since tapas appears in English from the 1950s (C Salter in OED, "In Spain, when you order a drink in a bar.., you will always be […]

The decline of the Spanish race

Posted: September 30th 2008 07:06. Last modified: September 29th 2008 18:28

Another sentimental tango from from Tio de la Tiza and the Bebabouched Moors demonstrates a firmly-rooted belief in 1891 Cadiz in the Decadence of the Nation, even before the disaster of 1898 and its long aftermath exacerbated the gulf between a diligently managed press and wild popular fears: Una inocente niña llorando estaba y con […]

Of prostitution in Spain

Posted: August 26th 2008 14:10. Last modified: August 26th 2008 14:03

Since both Spanish prostitution and Henry Mayhew came up yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to combine them and copy-paste from the excellent (though slow) Perseus database at Tufts the latter's view of the former. I assume his street prostitutes who "traffic for the bare means of subsistence and submit to any and every […]


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