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Only sensible use for cheap red wine at 30C+

Posted: August 23rd 2012 17:53. Last modified: August 23rd 2012 19:30

Mrs Casas says mix 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup water, 2 cups red (Murcian renal, for example), 1 wedged peach, 4 lemon slices, 3 tbsp sugar, refrigerate for a couple of hours, drink. She also does a splendid iced coffee. The budget booze base is still without third party contributions, suggesting that none of […]

Separating egg yolks from whites

Posted: August 6th 2011 23:26. Last modified: August 7th 2011 09:55

Tülin Özen's shell technique in Semih Kaplanoğlu's Bal, comparison with the palm technique, brief speculation re historical usage of both, and a Moorish honey-cookie recipe.

How to grow enough mustard for a salad from seed in two hours

Posted: June 23rd 2011 17:31. Last modified: June 23rd 2011 17:32

Ingredients: a horse, a fire, seed.

PÀ TOMAQUET NOT CATALAN, OFFICIAL! [Was: If you can’t make history, make it up]

Posted: April 3rd 2011 00:46. Last modified: April 12th 2011 21:19

The origins of Catalan cookbook, La cuynera catalana, and a revelatory French description of pan con tomate (albeit soggy) in early 19th century Andalusia.

Constantí Ribalaigua, the Catalan who DIDN’T invent the daiquiri, for Pete’s sake

Posted: November 4th 2010 19:03. Last modified: December 5th 2010 16:03

Of Tate Cabré, ethnicity, creativity, and talking dogs that shit up walls.

Translating Hamlet into Siberian

Posted: January 24th 2010 11:22.

How would you describe the relationship of the Slav Francisco with his mother?

Wok jock croc shock?

Posted: September 1st 2009 08:41.

Will my favourite herpetoid be safe from the war on the narco wild life?

How jam fakers robbed the Spanish throne

Posted: September 6th 2008 21:09. Last modified: September 6th 2008 21:36

Processing is underway into diverse preserves of the considerable quantities of blackberries and figs gathered this afternoon with la Primitiva Hermandad de la Primera Sueca on a variant of this walk. Some of the blackberries are being turned into liquor, and I found this whilst fishing around for a more unsuitable recipe: A very laughable […]

Cooking with pigeons in Spain

Posted: July 19th 2008 13:26. Last modified: January 9th 2010 16:10

Yesterday in town it was remarked on the benefits to allkind that would accrue from exchanging our customary diet of Big Macs for one of roadkill and Fucking pigeon (what's the Latin?). Celtiberians consulted state that their race does not partake of the pigeon, and Juan Bautista Carrasco's Mitología universal (1864) suggests that this may […]

Regional variation in DYI Andalusian alcopops, and the origins and etymology of kalimotxo or calimocho or whatever

Posted: July 3rd 2007 13:33. Last modified: July 3rd 2007 13:43

A rebujito is a dry sherry (manzanilla, fino) or occasionally a white wine to which fizz (lemonades, ...) has been added, typically in a ratio of 1:2, in order to give you a head-start on the alcohol. This is the lite version of whichever British drink it is that has you knock back a third […]

Some Mexican nugatoriness

Posted: February 3rd 2007 23:20. Last modified: February 4th 2007 18:30

Re this post at Transblawg: nugatorio is most rare in Spanish, but here's some Ramón López Velarde (via Corde; poetry and bio): Se me destina, en la casona, la sala de la derecha. Fantasmas, fantasmas, fantasmas. A las diez de la noche, logro escaparme. En un cielo turquí, el relámpago flagela edredones de nube. La […]

Cholera cure

Posted: March 16th 2005 15:21. Last modified: January 20th 2012 13:26

"We print this recipe, not out of self-interest, since we are giving it away free, being inspired solely by the conviction that we have of its efficacy and to see if we can be of assistance to our fellow men."

Culinary exoticism

Posted: December 31st 2004 18:11. Last modified: December 31st 2004 18:00

Who's the bigger glutton, Tony Blair or Queen Eleanor?

Hank Williams and sustainable misery

Posted: September 14th 2004 13:02.

This morning's revelations of a depression < => Prozac symbiosis are nothing more than a variation on the old Guinness-is-good-for-you pub therapy industry. The trick is to recognise it as such and manage it effectively. While it is evident that Hank Williams failed in the latter respect, I think that one of his songs contains […]

Spring is here (again)

Posted: May 1st 2004 18:07.

I have been up the coast a couple of times this week (off again tomorrow) and I don't think I've ever seen as many spring flowers. Their profusion is partly a consequence of heavy rainfall, and partly of the fires last summer that burnt away heavy shrubbery and young pine woods, clearing the ground. However, […]

stuffed camel

Posted: October 27th 2003 19:36.

This is one of the many recipes for which I do not have the ingredients this evening, having been too lazy to go to the supermarket.

Brat’s wurst and Mr Aldea’s salchicha

Posted: October 15th 2003 13:54. Last modified: March 19th 2009 19:02

The joy of the poor is brief,/My friends, how soon it's past!/Just when everything's going so well,/The donkey breathes its last.

ensaladilla catalanista

Posted: September 10th 2003 15:49.

Morgen is nationale waarom-verliezen-wij-elke-oorlog dag. Speciaal daarvoor heb ik een patriotische versie van een salade russe gemaakt, waar ik erg trots op ben: Koop Quality Czech Mushroom Recipes: Meer vlaggen hier.


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