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The 1903 Paris-Madrid race that got away

Posted: May 29th 2012 16:05. Last modified: May 29th 2012 16:13

A remarkable feat of memory from Arturo Barea's autobiography.

Two cool & contrasting Barcelona retro photo series

Posted: April 5th 2012 19:36. Last modified: April 5th 2012 22:34

With a chart comparing Catalan to Madrilenian GDP 1980-2009.

Langston Hughes in Spain

Posted: October 1st 2011 17:51. Last modified: October 1st 2011 18:08

Idealism vs realism as a Stalinist hack copes with the Italian bombing of Barcelona but struggles to explain why Moorish peasants are slaughtering Spanish workers in the battle for Madrid.

Walking from Barcelona to Madrid

Posted: June 27th 2011 11:03.

Featuring sunstruck indignados, the Spanish postal service, ancient trade routes, the march of 30 blind lottery vendors, and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V's wife's shocking case of toothache.

The Hispanic Orthography Files, continued

Posted: April 9th 2011 20:16. Last modified: April 17th 2011 20:43

Plus a zarzuela/politics RFI.

The secret life of Judge Garzón

Posted: February 10th 2011 13:05. Last modified: February 10th 2011 23:56

Some doubts re the alleged assassination attempts.

Torrente, modeled on the mafia private dick in Peckinpah’s The Getaway?

Posted: February 4th 2011 20:15. Last modified: February 15th 2011 10:15

The hair, the dress-sense, the profession: some of the basics are there.

A bicycling boho hobo, tempted by Cockaigne, fearful of Ruin

Posted: February 2nd 2011 14:53. Last modified: February 2nd 2011 16:07

What to do when a mysterious lady offers you a free ride?

Farewell, (Catalan) Talgo

Posted: January 17th 2011 09:40. Last modified: January 20th 2011 13:21

One of 20th century Spain's great engineering achievements disappears as it drove: with nary a whisper.

Death by bagpipes

Posted: October 13th 2010 21:38. Last modified: October 13th 2010 21:39

Bull-fighting, Galician style.

Josep Huguet, José Millán Astray and the death of intelligence

Posted: September 5th 2010 13:02. Last modified: September 5th 2010 15:09

With a sublime little parody of romantic nationalism from Camilo José Cela, who has his own particular view of this bothersome culture vs civilisation thing.

Gil y pollas, pollos, racho, Gil, etc

Posted: May 21st 2010 00:49. Last modified: May 21st 2010 00:54

The etymology of "gilipollas" as a mere excuse to quote a gross 16th century shepherd and link to some video fragments of Jesús Gil y Gil.

A spurious demonic etymology of “Andaluz”

Posted: May 2nd 2010 18:52. Last modified: May 2nd 2010 22:25

Taken from a 17th century play which has the devil fly a student over Madrid and reveal to him its innermost secrets.

How many working Andalusians does it take to keep a fellow-countryman on the dole?

Posted: April 30th 2010 12:47. Last modified: April 30th 2010 12:49

More than some people think.

Politics, the art of confusion

Posted: April 28th 2010 14:55. Last modified: April 29th 2010 18:33

A borrowed verdict on the current public utterances of Spanish officials, and a suggestion that the Catalan national question may be about to be resolved in the same way it was in 1918-23.

Regional government doesn’t have to be a hysterical disaster

Posted: April 1st 2010 14:49. Last modified: April 1st 2010 15:21

Georges Frêche in Languedoc-Roussillon: If possible with Paris, if necessary without Paris, but never against Paris.

How not to win la Guerra de los Toros, or The Cattle Raid of Cooley revisited

Posted: March 6th 2010 11:12. Last modified: March 6th 2010 11:36

Some historical advice from an Irish perspective for Esperanza Aguirre on the pitfalls of attempting to demonstrate by symbolic means the virile and libertarian spirit of Madrid in the invented and regrettable conflict between it and doldrummed Barcelona.

Binding referendum on the future of Catalonia, hosted by Kalebeul

Posted: February 24th 2010 08:38.

In response to confusion in the markets re Spain's constitutional arrangements and the size and distribution of its public debt, kaleBirthday has, remarkably, gained the consent of the Catalan, Spanish and EU administrations to conduct a binding poll on the future of the troubled region. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

Spanish/French shibboleth commemorates the brief reign of Joseph Bonaparte

Posted: November 15th 2009 12:49. Last modified: November 15th 2009 12:51

Fill in the gaps in this pasquinade on the voiceless velar fricative, which I found last night in Mesonero Romanos' El antiguo Madrid: En la plaza hay un cartel Que nos dice en castellano Que José, rey italiano, Roba a España su dosel; Y al leer este cartel, Dijo una maja a su majo: --Manolo, […]

Referendums on independence are for pussies

Posted: September 8th 2009 12:40. Last modified: September 8th 2009 15:20

Serious separatists will drive on the left, in Vic, starting Sunday.


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