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The Asociación de Familias Adoptantes en China promotes itself with a picture of slitty-eyed chinkies

Posted: March 15th 2009 19:04. Last modified: March 16th 2009 10:34

But is the prevailing Spanish refusal to distinguish racism from multiculturalism actually more sensible than the Anglocabrón approach?

Two views of progress

Posted: March 5th 2009 17:47. Last modified: April 7th 2009 19:40

Italy vs England.

Lenin cult in Santa Coloma, Barcelona

Posted: July 9th 2008 13:02. Last modified: November 23rd 2009 19:06

The Lenin-loving Joves Comunistes are the miniscule youth-wing of the increasingly insignificant alphabet soup of confused post-communists headed up by the bed-hopping Catalan regional interior councillor, Joan Saura, whose police force shot and almost killed the Barcelona municipal police chief last week. ("Youth" in Spanish leftist politics means anyone who wears jeans; most of them […]

Hirsute pursuit

Posted: March 19th 2005 21:30. Last modified: March 15th 2009 20:13

The Popular Front's Patent Baldness Remedy.


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