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Goethe, responsible for Victorian pteridomania?

Posted: February 15th 2011 08:32. Last modified: February 15th 2011 11:29

The disastrous horticultural consequences of fucked literary translation.

How many spokes should the gypsy chakra have?

Posted: May 21st 2009 23:08.

A Barcelona scrap-metal dealer only has 12 on the favicon on his website.

Imaginary correspondence between Ferdinand the Catholic and Suleyman the Magnificent

Posted: December 3rd 2006 21:48. Last modified: December 4th 2006 13:50

I've been merrily dilettanting away recently with a couple of literary robberies and forgeries, so it's good to see that Zazie over at cocanha found a really great one. What he has are extracts from a book published in 1842 in Porto, Portugal under the promising title, Cartas d'el Rei Don Fernando, O Catholico, a […]


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