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The Singing Organ-Grinder’s tweets for September

Posted: October 1st 2018 18:15.

A rubbish heap in which a Ukrainian nuclear fireman finds romance with Willie Nelson.

Organ-grinder tweets for November 2017

Posted: December 1st 2017 11:23.

More monkey mess from Homerton/Hackney.

Morons, Zamorans and the Galician Obama

Posted: October 26th 2015 10:44.

Like all good liberal democrats (no caps) we want to imagine that everyone else shares our condition, but it don't always work.

European governments have as little idea what to make of the gypsies as in the 15th century

Posted: October 24th 2013 13:40. Last modified: October 24th 2013 14:22

We've known that some of them are blond for 400 years, for Christ's sake.

Segmentation of the bed-in-a-shed market

Posted: May 25th 2012 18:17. Last modified: May 25th 2012 18:29

Brand it "gypsy" and the desert is your oyster.

Brazo de gitano with flesh-coloured filling

Posted: November 21st 2011 12:50. Last modified: July 22nd 2012 12:07

It always seemed wrong that the custard was yolk-hued, so a bottle of cochineal was acquired for Halloween.

Narco tombs in San Miguel Arcángel, Culiacán and Barcelona

Posted: July 26th 2011 13:45. Last modified: October 24th 2012 14:45

Luis Estrada's new narcoflick, El Infierno, a brilliant narcoart short by Don Bartletti, and a couple of my old photos.

Gypsy boy giving guided tour of Can Tunis

Posted: April 25th 2011 09:15. Last modified: April 25th 2011 09:21

The rest of the TVE documentary is in the YouTube links. (Via Vidi)

Gypsy madonna, madonna gypsy

Posted: March 18th 2011 11:53. Last modified: March 18th 2011 13:31

Who's copying who?

Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española

Posted: October 28th 2010 20:37. Last modified: October 28th 2010 23:13

Why I'll probably be sticking with the Biblioteca Virtual del Señor Licenciado Pero Pérez.

Alboraya Council’s tinker books

Posted: October 14th 2010 15:02. Last modified: October 14th 2010 15:08

The reforms of the Council of Trent led to parishes registering in five books--quinque libri--the baptisms, confirmations, communions, marriages, deaths and excommunications celebrated there. Quinquilleros, hojalateros and other itinerant pot-breakers and -menders were nominally Catholic but frowned on and frequently persecuted by the establishment, so it's good to see the Ajuntament de Alboraya drawing them […]

The Italians have the all best games

Posted: September 22nd 2009 12:15. Last modified: September 22nd 2009 12:18

(Even if they can't make a decent paella.)

Roddy Doyle’s niggers of Europe explained

Posted: September 2nd 2009 21:40.

Don't claim national origins for yourselves without very carefully considering the possible consequences.

How many spokes should the gypsy chakra have?

Posted: May 21st 2009 23:08.

A Barcelona scrap-metal dealer only has 12 on the favicon on his website.

Terminal Germinal

Posted: April 13th 2009 11:49. Last modified: January 9th 2012 11:22

The pros of walking to Barcelona Airport.

Early 20th century photographs of European gypsies

Posted: March 18th 2009 22:23.

Arthur Thesleff seems to have burnt most film further east, but there's a nice snap of some early Andalusians.

Simple fix for Spain’s poverty crisis

Posted: March 9th 2009 15:07. Last modified: March 9th 2009 15:11

Gypsy clans living on an old dung heap north of Granada may have the answer.

Potential accordion purchase

Posted: February 25th 2009 23:48. Last modified: February 27th 2009 18:05

This is an option now the Casio kiddieboard is dead and there's not enough time for the barrel organ.

Pig foot gypsy charm

Posted: December 16th 2008 09:16. Last modified: April 19th 2009 22:40

A Roger Ekirch, At day's close: night in times past: "suspending the heart of a bullock or pig over the hearth, preferably stuck with pins and thorns". Barcelona's inquisition records and other (later) sources also contain a desperate screech of (sometimes living) cats and a wide range of barnyard animals with pins stuck into them […]

Hedgehogs @ €600

Posted: December 10th 2008 12:23. Last modified: December 12th 2008 23:54

When they were detained by the Médoc gendarmes, Georges and Frédéric had the grave misfortune to have in their possession a sack containing ten succulent little bundles of spines. Turning its face from all that the British cherish in France, the criminal court in Bordeaux put animal protection above lavish family meals and fined these […]


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