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Barcelona and the decline of the city-state

Posted: July 26th 2006 01:00. Last modified: October 26th 2006 19:52

Here from Braudel (The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II/El Mediterráneo y el mundo mediterráneo en la época de Felipe II) is some context for today's Libro verde item on the fall of Barcelona to Juan II's great beasts: At the end of the fourteenth century, the Mediterranean belonged to […]

A Spanish codpiece

Posted: October 31st 2005 21:58. Last modified: October 26th 2006 19:55

I just read Beth Marie Kosir's interesting paper on the British codpiece and thought I'd have a quick look through some Spanish stuff. The Hispanic bragueta (I guess it comes from the French braguette, which is actually not a combination of baguette and bragas, "knickers") seems to have been used first (in the late 15th […]

Caganers, nation, faith

Posted: January 21st 2004 00:55. Last modified: December 16th 2011 23:46

"Shit, operating as the preeminent figure of self-alienation ..., becomes a symbolic medium for questioning the place of the autonomous individual in new postcolonial societies."


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