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Fried pigeon egg for breakfast

Posted: April 9th 2013 15:17. Last modified: April 11th 2013 14:35

This is a rather convenient arrangement - I 'ate facking pigeons.

Question about diachronicity, dreams and nationalist historians

Posted: March 1st 2012 13:11. Last modified: March 1st 2012 13:14

OK, in this dream I'm talking to a pigeon farmer about how folks are more prepared to condone pinioning some species than others, and then a flock starts smothering my face and I wake up with a bit of sheet over my head. So brain 1) meets object in the here-and-now, 2) makes false interpretation, […]

Call me Trebots

Posted: August 9th 2010 14:24. Last modified: August 17th 2010 12:56

A rather nice example of apocopation and suffixation in Catalan Spanish.

Video: cat vs pigeon

Posted: April 27th 2009 08:42. Last modified: April 27th 2009 08:46

Will the pigeon get the cat's food, or will the cat get the pigeon?

Venus de Milo tribute in Villanueva y Geltrú

Posted: March 9th 2009 10:41. Last modified: November 13th 2012 11:45

And what to do when those boring old marble columns get in the way of your new staircase.

David Icke-like view of the relationship between pigeons and statues

Posted: February 23rd 2009 13:11. Last modified: July 16th 2012 08:55

Statues are designed to be bird-friendly on the orders of a mysterious avian deity, which may have held sway over Luis Buñuel.

Cooking with pigeons in Spain

Posted: July 19th 2008 13:26. Last modified: January 9th 2010 16:10

Yesterday in town it was remarked on the benefits to allkind that would accrue from exchanging our customary diet of Big Macs for one of roadkill and Fucking pigeon (what's the Latin?). Celtiberians consulted state that their race does not partake of the pigeon, and Juan Bautista Carrasco's Mitología universal (1864) suggests that this may […]

Pooch-pigeon porn preview

Posted: March 28th 2008 10:36. Last modified: March 28th 2008 10:44

I was having a chat about stuff with Pete Doherty this morning, and he tells me that because of the common genetic ancestry of most of the races of the Milky Way galaxy, many species are able to interbreed with or without the help of genetic technology. In fact dogs and doves are quite similar, […]


Posted: November 9th 2007 11:24. Last modified: November 9th 2007 11:30

I am building a bird table so I can catch tasty little birds with a net and fry them in bechamel for breakfast. Its leg consists sturdy spring, which will cause pigeons, goats and other creatures undesirable for this purpose to fall off before they get to the bait.

Loft of gipsy homing pigeons painted in the colours of Spain and Andalusia

Posted: May 6th 2007 14:24. Last modified: April 18th 2013 10:44

Snapped by SG on a lovely clear day last week on a variation of this Barcelona city walk. The birds belong to three tired-looking gents who one would have said were hippophiles pertaining to the kingdom of Dionysus, so we didn't enquire as to the whys and wherefores. Birds are often painted for ceremonial or […]

Orange mobile contract blurb clones

Posted: March 8th 2007 19:36. Last modified: March 8th 2007 19:50

I want to do something quite simple: change from Vodafone to Movistar or Amena-Orange so I get reception in the Pyrenees, while keeping the same phone (a stream-personalised Nokia 3310), number and pre-pay accountability. When I say this shop assistants laugh uneasily and reach under the counter for the bat, and online things are no […]

Inside the Agbar tower

Posted: November 14th 2006 14:29.

I failed to get into the Agbar tower a while back with a bunch of tourists who had agreed to impersonate a business delegation. Eulàlia Petit, however, has been inside and up Jean Nouvel's phallus suppository rocket volcano-fired geyser. Its colours are red for fire, blue for water, and white for steam, and the irregular […]

Silvester Paradox meets Mr Macbeth

Posted: June 14th 2006 17:30. Last modified: January 16th 2012 01:14

This is the promised translation of the chapter in Pío Baroja’s serialised novel The adventures, inventions and mystifications of Silvester Paradox / Aventuras, inventos y mixtificaciones de Silvestre Paradox (1901) in which Silvester takes up with an English conman, quack, amateur pugilist and exponent of inventions such as the translatoscope called Macbeth. The source is […]

Interactional multilingualism in C16th Valencia

Posted: December 1st 2005 20:13. Last modified: February 27th 2009 12:48

The claim by jokers like Jordi Bilbeny that whatever contains the odd Catalanism must have been written by a Catalan is obviously and completely ridiculous because it ignores a basic truth of the Mediterranean littoral: that multilingual jostling and experimentation has been going on here for as long as people have had horses, boats and […]

More pigeons

Posted: November 22nd 2005 15:29. Last modified: May 6th 2007 14:39

Sounds like the citizenry is onto us.

Poisoning pigeons

Posted: November 3rd 2005 08:08. Last modified: May 6th 2007 14:37

There's a bunch of mad old guys in the neighbourhood who come out and feed the pigeons, which then crap all over benches, bicycles and toddlers. One of the locals has discovered how to make them stop. He puts a handful of salt in his pocket, lies in wait till he sees them emptying their […]

Pigeon pie

Posted: July 28th 2005 18:25. Last modified: July 29th 2005 15:07

If the sentence "Volunteers must not engage in any other activities whatsoever" does actually mean a cessation of drug dealing, beatings and other criminal activity, then the IRA have scored today's big news. However there are still plenty of bad people in the world. Pedalling along this afternoon, on my way to see hear fellow-biker […]

Pigeon poo, II

Posted: July 26th 2005 19:57.

Of course it is the fault of those damn Muslims: The Marchenero is one of the oldest pouter breeds, and it is a breed that was developed in Spain in a period of time covering almost on thousand years. In order to understand the beginnings or ancient history, a brief history lesson is in order. […]

Pigeon poo

Posted: July 26th 2005 18:04. Last modified: September 15th 2005 13:46

Two old people were arguing this afternoon under the memorial to Joan Amades on Calle Carmen in the Raval about whether the pigeons should be fed. The argument proceeded along roughly the same lines as in the 1950s Parisian skirmish recorded in Juan Goytisolo's Señas de identidad (1966), in which the old man is determined […]

Bird flu: American data, European explanation

Posted: May 30th 2005 18:13. Last modified: May 30th 2005 18:15

The Five Keys, edited: I built a nest for a sweet little pigeon But she flapped her wings and flu. Tralala.


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