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Organ-grinder tweets for November 2017

Posted: December 1st 2017 11:23.

More monkey mess from Homerton/Hackney.

Montserrat Tura and PSC hypocrisy in La Clota, Horta

Posted: February 7th 2011 21:10. Last modified: February 15th 2011 10:01

The demented, evil swine has herself photographed in a neighbourhood her party has spent the last 20 years doing its damnedest to destroy.

The naming of El Picazo

Posted: August 10th 2009 00:56. Last modified: August 11th 2009 10:25

Mr Muñoz Soliva postulates the participation of some peculiarly phurtive Phoenicians.

Freaky assault on Gracia pseudo-anarchist stronghold

Posted: April 21st 2009 13:36. Last modified: April 21st 2009 13:38

Joan Txàpal strikes at the heart of dorkness.

The great Catalan gunpowder swindle

Posted: December 15th 2008 11:18. Last modified: February 27th 2009 22:00

As the evenings draw in, the Arenys de Mar sensimilla syndicate has taken time off from the plantation to post another shambling Gran Armada-wreck of nationalist historical revisionism. (It's dated 2006, but this is the first time it's turned up in my reader, so...) As is customary, our scenario is back-to-the-future: a massive 15th century […]

Cameo appearance by George Borrow in Valle-Inclán novel

Posted: October 4th 2008 08:03. Last modified: October 4th 2008 02:03

One of Spain's greatest 20th century plagiarists intertextualisers was the novelist Valle-Inclán. His gypsies are substantially borrowed from George of that name, but as far as I know it is only in the following passage from La corte de los milagros, a novel set in the period when Borrow was in Spain, that he refers […]

“Islamic bridge of civilisation to the West over-rated”

Posted: May 1st 2008 14:35. Last modified: May 12th 2008 21:04

Sylvain Gouguenheim's '"Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel" (Editions du Seuil), while not contending there is an ongoing clash of civilizations, makes the case that Islam was impermeable to much of Greek thought, that the Arab world's initial translations of it to Latin were not so much the work of "Islam" but of Aramaeans and Christian Arabs, […]

Elementos de geografía física

Posted: November 5th 2007 16:12. Last modified: November 5th 2007 16:15

From the Diario de Barcelona, quoted in Manuel Martínez de Morentin, Estudios filológicos (1857): —¿Qué se entiende por España? —Una Nacion como otra cualquiera, pero con la particularidad de haber de todo menos españoles. —¿En qué climas se halla? —En tres; frio, caliente y templado: en invierno es cuando regularmente se siente el frio, lo […]

Quillo/chav/all suffix and no root/blah

Posted: June 30th 2006 17:26. Last modified: June 30th 2006 17:54

This Cádiz lexicon says (also here) that quillo is used indiscriminately to attract attention, rather like "¡Oye!" in Spanish and its English cognate, "Oi!", or, alternatively, like the English "Love". In Barcelona (and presumably in other Spanish cities) quillo is also used derogatively, to express perceived age, ethnic and class distinctions, rather like the Spanish/Catalan […]

Silvester Paradox meets Mr Macbeth

Posted: June 14th 2006 17:30. Last modified: January 16th 2012 01:14

This is the promised translation of the chapter in Pío Baroja’s serialised novel The adventures, inventions and mystifications of Silvester Paradox / Aventuras, inventos y mixtificaciones de Silvestre Paradox (1901) in which Silvester takes up with an English conman, quack, amateur pugilist and exponent of inventions such as the translatoscope called Macbeth. The source is […]

Catalan banned in Sants

Posted: March 29th 2005 20:10. Last modified: July 12th 2008 12:36

Not so much flogging as snogging a dead horse, here is an excerpt from Rafael Miralles Bravo's Memorias de un comandante rojo (1975), quoted by Fernando Díaz-Plaja in Anecdotario De La Guerra Civil Española (previous post), dealing with the brief civil war within a civil war in May 1937: The 4th passed without incidents other […]

Paying the pipers

Posted: October 30th 2004 13:53.

Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson (Enowning > a Slashdot interview):

Sinful alien redheads: Roda-soques and Nathalie Borgé

Posted: May 27th 2004 17:14. Last modified: January 7th 2013 13:51

Recognising an urgent need, Barcelona's excellent Institut Français has undertaken to explain love to the Catalans (translation Googlebotted for style, steam, and speed): The French Institute of Barcelona proposes every Friday a particular appointment: Parlez me about love. A course on the love well on, but the love with the Frenchwoman... a varied and enthralling […]


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