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Daniel Heinsius’ solitary phoenix and the final words of the beastly bookseller of Barcelona

Posted: July 9th 2007 20:58. Last modified: July 9th 2007 21:38

In 1927 the Catalan literary researcher and writer, Ramon Miquel i Planas (1874-1950; henceforth MiP) wrote a little book, published in a bibliophile edition, called La llegenda del llibreter assassí. In it he reflects on the origins and recycling of "Le bibliomane ou le nouveau Cardillac", an anonymous tale published as if true in 1836 […]

Silvester Paradox meets Mr Macbeth

Posted: June 14th 2006 17:30. Last modified: January 16th 2012 01:14

This is the promised translation of the chapter in Pío Baroja’s serialised novel The adventures, inventions and mystifications of Silvester Paradox / Aventuras, inventos y mixtificaciones de Silvestre Paradox (1901) in which Silvester takes up with an English conman, quack, amateur pugilist and exponent of inventions such as the translatoscope called Macbeth. The source is […]

Treatment of incontinence

Posted: June 13th 2006 19:14. Last modified: January 9th 2010 16:11

It may not have worked, but nineteenth century medicine often sounds rather fun. This from An Epitome of Braithwaite's Retrospect of practical medicine and surgery (1860): M. Lallemand, of Montpellier, has great confidence in aromatic bitters, to which a small portion of brandy has been added, followed by active friction of the loins... As internal […]

North-South synergy

Posted: June 7th 2006 17:33. Last modified: June 7th 2006 17:44

I obviously don't subscribe to this kind of over-familiar nonsense, but here anyway is Dickens in Household words (via Google Print) in 1856: There have not been wanting theorists who have recognised in the apparently constant opposition of the north and south a kind of natural law, by which both are destined to be regulated, […]


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