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The Singing Organ-Grinder’s tweets for October

Posted: November 4th 2018 20:12.

More rubbish.

From the lexical underground, “rapport”

Posted: June 8th 2018 15:45.

Symmetries in textiles, architecture and music.

Leave your city burnin like Gamera

Posted: June 7th 2018 17:24.

Stamina, blaze up your space, plus I got it on camera. Lower Clapton's wildlife and some audiovisual plans.

Leave your city burnin like Gamera

Posted: June 7th 2018 17:24.

Stamina, blaze up your space, plus I got it on camera. Lower Clapton's wildlife and some audiovisual plans.

Singing Organ-Grinder tweets for April

Posted: May 1st 2018 23:02.

Cranking it up along the River Lea.

Organ-grinder tweets for November 2017

Posted: December 1st 2017 11:23.

More monkey mess from Homerton/Hackney.

London organ-grinding tweets for October 2017

Posted: November 1st 2017 07:03.

Lukewarm barrel organ-ish ephemera from Hackney, London and thereabouts.

London organ-grinder tweets for September 2017

Posted: October 1st 2017 11:54.

From Charles Trenet, two musical De Gaulle anecdotes

Posted: June 10th 2017 10:32.

Re the songs, L’âme des poètes and Douce France.


Posted: June 5th 2017 16:38.

A new translation of Joan Maragall’s poem about the anarchist bombing of the Barcelona Opera in 1893, and a limerick by the monkey.

¡Justo Bueno, pistolero de la FAI, está de vuelta!

Posted: July 10th 2013 14:37. Last modified: July 10th 2013 14:40

El asesino en serie, entre cuyas víctimas fueron tal vez los hermanos Badía, desapareció de la versión catalanista del Valle de los Caídos ("sacrificats per la llibertat de Catalunya") hace unos años, pero le han pegado de nuevo en su columna, al parecer con caca. Es fácil entrar en el sitio desde arriba, y me […]

Video of explosive Euphorbia seed dispersal

Posted: June 20th 2013 12:05. Last modified: June 20th 2013 12:12

The blast quite distracted me from my tortilla, so it did.

Learn those languages

Posted: April 25th 2013 15:50. Last modified: April 25th 2013 16:10

Obese Peruvian male midget standing texting in c/ Robador in front of a poster which in English says: "Going to the Filmoteca? I am a sex worker. Respect my rights!" The coppers have had the street in general, and two buildings in particular, in lockdown for a while now, and men are being fined €1000 […]


Posted: April 4th 2013 11:18. Last modified: April 9th 2013 15:07

A rather curious ego-document.

Barcelona inaugurates a Churchill-themed canine pissoire

Posted: December 17th 2012 12:39. Last modified: December 17th 2012 12:41


Trompe-l’Å“il ascent to Heaven of Our Lady of Mercy, Barcelona

Posted: October 29th 2012 11:34. Last modified: October 29th 2012 11:39

This time-lapse video reduces some 38 minutes to 2.5. The great bronze Vulture and Child on top of the Basilica de la Merced/Mercé was cast after the war from the remains of smaller monuments to red and separatist leaders and I think the phoney arch was added at the same time. The spectacle is visible […]

Good Barcelona World rants

Posted: September 9th 2012 23:02. Last modified: September 9th 2012 23:05

Miquel at Tot Barcelona suspects this may just be another scheme to enrich the Catalan oligarchy at the cost of the rest, while Salvador Sostres wonders why, since profit trails here generally lead to fiscal paradises rather than reinvestment, the ruling class describe themselves as Catalan, rather than Swiss, patriots. Did Barcelona's tourist crime entrepreneurs […]

Spanish customs

Posted: September 8th 2012 23:09. Last modified: September 8th 2012 23:27

As viewed from a Hampshire country pub.

Video in Spanish by foreign language students warning against street crime in Barcelona

Posted: August 24th 2012 12:09.

I thought the reënactments in the second half were rather good. One of the commenters, however, mistook the medium for the message and was seized by an attack of lust. (Via Robbed in Barcelona. Here's one I managed to photograph, in Vilafranca del Penedès.)

Amusing neighbourhood battle for control of public resources

Posted: July 19th 2012 12:18. Last modified: July 19th 2012 12:24

Old guard horticulturalist-hippies versus arriviste mums-with-babes-hanging-off-their-tits, at stake a substantial villa and gardens near Park Güell and corresponding state subsidies. Let the death threats commence! Younger and stony-broker, I briefly contemplated the cloister, sacred or secular (Dutch prisons were pretty good back then). With retreats genuinely isolated from public-spirited humans increasingly hard to find, I […]


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