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Three Russian rooster animations

Posted: September 30th 2010 15:50. Last modified: October 31st 2010 21:35

"Big cock" and "The old man and the cock are versions of "Medio pollico" / "Demi-coq", and "Why the cock wears shorts" is something else.

What’s the best way to wash down raw rodent?

Posted: August 5th 2010 21:16. Last modified: August 5th 2010 21:21

Rat, squirrel or capybara, kittens have one favourite sauce.

People we meet

Posted: December 3rd 2007 11:10. Last modified: February 27th 2009 12:57

The other day, on this walk, an elderly Englishman from G. Speaking with an Andalusian accent, he claimed to be one of a group of Brits who, following the abortive Algiers putsch (aka putsch des généraux) against De Gaulle in 1961, fled the Marseilles barracks of the French Légion étrangère and crossed the Pyrenees to […]

Branding thugs

Posted: August 12th 2005 16:01. Last modified: April 15th 2009 14:08

"First thing we do is break their noses," says Ukrainian cop, Igor, over at this Don Weber exhibit (via BB). I think that's also Algerian police strategy: the Algerians who stalk tourists here tend to have omelette noses, nasty limps, parapet dentistry, you name it, while their Moroccan colleagues are usually more or less unscarred. […]


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