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Three justifications for jumping red lights in Spain

Posted: December 7th 2012 15:27. Last modified: December 7th 2012 15:29

You're a policeman. Sometimes they put the winky-winky on as they jump and then turn it off again, often they don't bother. You know a policeman. You don't intend to go very far on the other side. I find this the most puzzling, and one of its practicioners almost nailed me this morning.

Amusing neighbourhood battle for control of public resources

Posted: July 19th 2012 12:18. Last modified: July 19th 2012 12:24

Old guard horticulturalist-hippies versus arriviste mums-with-babes-hanging-off-their-tits, at stake a substantial villa and gardens near Park Güell and corresponding state subsidies. Let the death threats commence! Younger and stony-broker, I briefly contemplated the cloister, sacred or secular (Dutch prisons were pretty good back then). With retreats genuinely isolated from public-spirited humans increasingly hard to find, I […]

Unusual duelling weapons

Posted: July 18th 2012 12:59. Last modified: July 21st 2012 17:48

Of sausages, sugarcandy, daggers on helmets, sharp-bladed collars, pills, and billiard balls, with a note on zombie destruction.

The invisible ethnicity of Inspector Richard Tanner of the Met

Posted: July 10th 2012 16:47. Last modified: November 5th 2013 13:09

The British-Jewish detective who hung the German murderer of a London banker. With photos of his tombstone in Winchester's West Hill cemetery.

Top searches at the Consejo General del Poder Judicial

Posted: May 2nd 2012 11:15. Last modified: May 2nd 2012 11:35

Chart-toppers: Mossos who torture.

French and Russian cavalry rode backwards in retreat?!

Posted: April 24th 2011 13:45. Last modified: April 25th 2011 11:39

This claim helped defeat Valentine Shortis' insanity plea at his murder trial in 1895-6, but was it true?

The secret life of Judge Garzón

Posted: February 10th 2011 13:05. Last modified: February 10th 2011 23:56

Some doubts re the alleged assassination attempts.

Garzón and the Batman theory of justice

Posted: April 13th 2010 13:34. Last modified: April 14th 2010 11:44

The relative awfulness of, and defining differences between, English and Spanish justice.

Stay in a hotel whose previous owners were beaten to death and buried in the garden

Posted: March 17th 2010 16:47. Last modified: January 23rd 2011 11:25

This is surely where this took place, and this must have been one of the last guests pre-mortem. I liked the unconsciously gruesome comments on TripAdvisor about the chilly welcome and subsidence on the tennis court, and a couple of the photos are thoroughly spooky. This and more on's customised hiking tours.

Shipping news

Posted: February 20th 2010 00:30. Last modified: February 20th 2010 11:20

Public auctions of wrecks in Barcelona, Pontevedra and Algeciras, with thoughts on how to reduce blogging competition.

The Lutheran conspiracy against Spain

Posted: February 19th 2010 01:08. Last modified: February 19th 2010 22:11

With the Anglo-Saxon plot in tatters and Jewish machinations a non-starter, some strategic paranoia for Mr Zapatero. (Like: Is Mendelssohn's Elijah a secret weapon of German subversion?)

Blogger closed down my favourite copyright violation site!

Posted: February 14th 2010 13:36. Last modified: March 3rd 2010 09:59

Hasta luego Edgar León, but what's the real solution?

Catalan language policy: Marxist, Stalinist, Francoist or fascist?

Posted: January 27th 2010 16:40. Last modified: January 27th 2010 16:50

The precedents for, and some possible implications of, the Catalanisation of Barcelona's cinemas. Plus some crowd-pleasing video of the Quebec language police in action. (Allez! Allez! Allez! And the hell with the economy!) All in somewhat fevered response to an article by Martin Dahms in the Tages-Anzeiger.

Time to behead Fèlix Millet?

Posted: January 14th 2010 11:20. Last modified: January 14th 2010 11:21

On this day in 1466, one Juan Sort, aged 70, was beheaded for the misappropriation of public funds. Millet is said by the auditors to have stolen around 30 million and has fessed to around 10%, but has not been anywhere near a prison, and indeed seems to think that by looking old and grey […]

Nice work if you can eat it

Posted: January 14th 2010 11:03.

Influence of fat content on palatability of roast beef.

Consum vs Conssum

Posted: December 10th 2009 18:55. Last modified: December 10th 2009 19:11

Trademark theft to liven up the Spanish fruit and veg price-war?

Spanish Christmas Lottery rips off Google logo

Posted: November 16th 2009 10:52. Last modified: November 16th 2009 11:01

Google translates the "I'm feeling lucky" button into Spanish as "Voy a tener suerte", which is closer to "It's my lucky day." So, easy meat for, which wants to associate a brand for losers with one where you really do win (almost) every time you play. Google may be an addiction, but it isn't […]

Discovered: Cataloonia’s true fet diferencial

Posted: October 27th 2009 15:45. Last modified: November 18th 2009 16:14

It's not what you steal, it's the way that you steal it.

Francisco Camps vs Fèlix Millet in the media

Posted: October 5th 2009 13:13. Last modified: October 5th 2009 13:24

What do ghit ratios from La Vanguardia, El Periodico, El País, ADN, ABC, El Mundo, Público, and Levante tell us about their owners' priorities?

Bites with denomination of origin

Posted: September 28th 2009 15:24. Last modified: September 28th 2009 15:26

Tracing that hot doggie.


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