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Spain, invisible; leaders, dumb

Posted: August 30th 2013 14:19. Last modified: August 30th 2013 16:32

Normal furrow resumed.

On the other hand…

Posted: May 3rd 2013 11:54. Last modified: May 3rd 2013 12:24

Why the mob may want to consider murder and mayhem. With apologies to the Archpriest of Hita.

Is Javier Cercas a necromancer?

Posted: March 21st 2013 11:31. Last modified: March 21st 2013 11:41

How else to explain his repeated use of the motif "políticamente * y personalmente roto" in Anatomía de un instante?


Posted: November 29th 2012 11:14. Last modified: November 29th 2012 11:20

Joan Ripollès Iranzo thinks Arturo (the "o" disappeared in public a decade ago) Mas may be on the way out, Elena Ribera isn't so sure. My favourite Reverend Bacon this time round was Oriol Junqueras, whose resemblance to a mad pig conceals the fact that he is a cunning one. I loved his recycling of […]

State of the nation: maths

Posted: November 23rd 2012 11:05.

Alice in Arithmetical Wonderland.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s plagiarism of la Moreneta almost foretold

Posted: November 21st 2012 11:55. Last modified: November 21st 2012 12:13

Pío Baroja got pretty damn close to the Catalunacy of José Luis Espejo in La dama errante.

Celtic fans vs Barça fans

Posted: November 9th 2012 12:35. Last modified: November 9th 2012 14:55

The musical, by Richard Strauss.

Euro exploitation flick documentaries on YouTube

Posted: November 3rd 2012 16:47. Last modified: November 4th 2012 01:52

No budget, no morals.

Young German killed in a Barcelona bullfight

Posted: August 25th 2012 10:08. Last modified: August 25th 2012 10:10

But what was Mr Wandersahen's real name?

15-M’s principal revolutionary goal revealed

Posted: August 4th 2012 22:55. Last modified: August 23rd 2012 18:00

Cinema for animals.

Whenever I see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, I think of Alphonse Laurencic

Posted: June 22nd 2012 00:16.

And here. I would dearly love to find out more about Alphonse and his creations. Someone once showed me a magazine with a few relevant pictures, but I've forgotten who/what/where. All but the blind will have noticed my background tribute on this blog's front page to Robert Wiene. The OpenFlix/YouTube publishing of Dr Caligari is […]

Manga monster in a Tarragona wood

Posted: June 14th 2012 20:24. Last modified: June 14th 2012 20:33

Pity you can't see it from the motorway. Or perhaps not. (H/t Abandonalia)

¡España británica!

Posted: May 24th 2012 23:48. Last modified: May 25th 2012 00:07

Why impose disastrous Spanish policies on thriving Gibraltar when British colonisation of Spain would have so many advantages?

Best ever portrait of June Caprice?

Posted: May 14th 2012 16:25. Last modified: May 14th 2012 16:41

This original drawing with its delicious absinthe blue is by one Emili Vilà Gorgoll (Llagostera 1887-1967, who he?) & is up for auction at Balclis on Wednesday. Here's the competition. I go basically for the munchies and the odd curiosity. I sense an inverse relationship between price and personal preference - the expensive stuff seems […]

If Merkel complains about how much TV3 costs, ask her about Bavaria

Posted: November 25th 2011 21:25. Last modified: November 25th 2011 21:30

The television arm of Bayerische Rundfunk inflicts roughly the same relative damage on regional GDP as its Catalan cousin.

Can an independent trade union survive in Spain?

Posted: November 24th 2011 12:08. Last modified: November 24th 2011 12:15

Or do they all live off the state in order to live at all? This re the emergence of an independent domestic workers union in Barcelona, Sindihogar.

Is Gertrude Stein pulling the strings on the Balearics?

Posted: November 17th 2011 17:12. Last modified: November 17th 2011 17:14

José Ramón Bauzá, in government but losing the power of speech.

Ben Jonson and the ground charlatans

Posted: September 11th 2011 18:42. Last modified: September 11th 2011 19:07

Like today's miserable vendors of pirated CDs, early modern Venetian ambulants are trading on someone else's stolen content, but at least they've had to learn it by heart.

Ear, ear

Posted: August 15th 2011 11:00. Last modified: August 15th 2011 15:31

How to get drugs without a prescription on match days.

Narco tombs in San Miguel Arcángel, Culiacán and Barcelona

Posted: July 26th 2011 13:45. Last modified: October 24th 2012 14:45

Luis Estrada's new narcoflick, El Infierno, a brilliant narcoart short by Don Bartletti, and a couple of my old photos.


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