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“Messi hoarding cats in a Nuremburg back-house”

Posted: August 24th 2012 07:27. Last modified: September 3rd 2012 11:26

Pro help needed for your favourite pro?

Les pervertis de Santander

Posted: July 31st 2010 20:41. Last modified: July 31st 2010 20:44

Archaic French erotic pulp, plugging Cantabria's gaping literary hole?

Gil y pollas, pollos, racho, Gil, etc

Posted: May 21st 2010 00:49. Last modified: May 21st 2010 00:54

The etymology of "gilipollas" as a mere excuse to quote a gross 16th century shepherd and link to some video fragments of Jesús Gil y Gil.

Alectryon, the Ancient Greek model for our cuckold’s horns?

Posted: April 16th 2010 18:15. Last modified: April 17th 2010 11:42

With a field study of the nymphomaniacs of Goa and brief notes on the early history of composite grafts.

In praise of British arse

Posted: April 5th 2010 23:50. Last modified: April 7th 2010 08:02

How amiably drunken shagfests could resolve the burka problem in a manner acceptable to freedom-loving readers of this blog.

Otra Liga es posible

Posted: March 12th 2010 13:21. Last modified: March 12th 2010 13:28

An Iberian proposal would slash wage costs, free up time and talent for cashflow-friendly shagshow opportunities, and assimilate football to mainstream Peninsular cultural practice.

Eastern Black Sea Tour, Tunisia

Posted: February 8th 2010 15:08.

TravelShop Turkey's bus doesn't actually take you to Istanbul or Tunis, but love those krazy keywords (and of course even Trabzon isn't that Turkish any more anyway).

Mysterious Spanish game

Posted: January 11th 2010 11:22. Last modified: February 5th 2010 19:51

What is the man doing? Why is step 4 missing?

Catalunya already independent

Posted: December 13th 2009 13:25. Last modified: December 13th 2009 14:06

Wait, let me check that.

Interactive electronics/dance performance

Posted: November 30th 2009 14:22.

One for your diary: The excellent Martin Hug is presenting his latest super-instrument in a show with the dancer Juschka Weigl this Friday at 19:00 at Hangar, Barcelona.

“Discretion Environment Elegance”

Posted: May 26th 2009 19:37. Last modified: May 20th 2010 11:13

An illegal brothel at Girona Airport.

Entertaining video of prostitutes and thieves on the Rambla

Posted: May 6th 2009 08:22. Last modified: May 6th 2009 08:26

By Ramon Vila & Marta Cuatrecasas

The (Catalan) statute of autonomy imports wild parties

Posted: November 14th 2008 10:21.

And I didn't blink. Actually in this context it means something like "No one gives a toss about the Statute" and refers to the complete absence of the Catalan government during ongoing debates, about which indeed no one gives a toss, but which are still apparently broadcast live on two out of the four screens […]

Phoney Spanish gypsy dancers at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York?

Posted: November 2nd 2008 20:38. Last modified: November 3rd 2008 07:32

The Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901 is now remembered mainly for the assassination of McKinley by a Polish-American anarchist follower of Emma Goldman. However it was yet another triumph for Thomas A Edison, Inc and its electric chairs, X-ray machines (McKinley might have survived had an Edison X-ray machine been allowed to locate the […]

Most popular musical number in Spain

Posted: May 6th 2008 18:44. Last modified: May 6th 2008 18:49

This non-authentic version of Paquito chocolatero is by King Africa, who is, according to Wikipedia, actually kind of American, and John Major's favourite artist to boot: Now an authentic version from Mike Oldfield, which doesn't involve the mass simulation of anal sex popular down south:The next three most favourite tunes are also pasodobles, namely Viva […]

Casanova warns Spanish authorities re sexual mores of “Swiss” immigrants to Sierra Morena , plus the etymology and origins of flamenco, and other items of interest

Posted: April 2nd 2008 11:54. Last modified: February 1st 2012 20:24

One of the many etymologies of flamenco is rather curious. From the typically poor Spanish-language entry in Wikipedia: Durante el siglo XVIII el asistente Olavide pretendió combatir el bandolerismo instaurando colonias de catolicos alemanes y flamencos (tenidos por disciplinados y laboriosos) en el Alto Guadalquivir. El fracaso de adaptación de muchos de ellos engrosó las […]

Terror of Ávila

Posted: March 26th 2008 18:29. Last modified: March 26th 2008 18:32

Apparently my disco-dancing lies somewhere between that of Zakyfreshkiller of Casablanca (?): ... and that of Manny of Grimethorpe: I'd tended to think of myself as Maikelyakson, but you certainly can't win them all.

Tribal dances

Posted: January 28th 2008 13:15.

All is well and good in the house of and other quackshops in Barcelona in general and Gracia in particular, where Latins have rhythm, Africans have tribes and, of course, Yankeelandia has racists. This Brit admits to a tweak of vergüenza ajena. Pilates Reformer sounds interesting: an obscure religion in which the biblical figure […]

Tango flamenco

Posted: November 16th 2007 14:15. Last modified: November 16th 2007 14:19

Exhibit 1 features Die Verdammte Spielerei and some blonde and was recorded in what will presumably be the Republic of Flanders by Monday. I suppose France will get Brussels. Exhibit 2 is Tango gitano, which "forms part of a group of field materials documenting Maria Garcia performing unaccompanied Spanish songs from Asturias, Spain on January […]

The Spanish Prostitute Moment in pre-war French popular novels

Posted: August 4th 2007 00:37. Last modified: August 4th 2007 01:24

This is a crucial element in what remains of French realist writing in the 1920s and 30s, which, for this reason and others, was more popular than praised. Based on some reading and no maths, I would venture that in a book of (x + y) pages (not counting the open letter of support from […]


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