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On the other hand…

Posted: May 3rd 2013 11:54. Last modified: May 3rd 2013 12:24

Why the mob may want to consider murder and mayhem. With apologies to the Archpriest of Hita.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s plagiarism of la Moreneta almost foretold

Posted: November 21st 2012 11:55. Last modified: November 21st 2012 12:13

Pío Baroja got pretty damn close to the Catalunacy of José Luis Espejo in La dama errante.

Battles of the if-only-they’d-been-homophones: Mars vs Marx

Posted: August 27th 2012 10:52. Last modified: August 27th 2012 10:56

An optimist might say that the chart shows a Roman deity giving way to a late Old Testament prophet giving way to scientific interest in the world(s) about us.

Only sensible use for cheap red wine at 30C+

Posted: August 23rd 2012 17:53. Last modified: August 23rd 2012 19:30

Mrs Casas says mix 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup water, 2 cups red (Murcian renal, for example), 1 wedged peach, 4 lemon slices, 3 tbsp sugar, refrigerate for a couple of hours, drink. She also does a splendid iced coffee. The budget booze base is still without third party contributions, suggesting that none of […]

What to do about the miners

Posted: July 10th 2012 23:46. Last modified: July 10th 2012 23:54

Now the Spanish government has adopted my scheme to reduce the number of ayuntamientos, they will surely be on the line soon to purchase my ancient and well-documented plan to provide work for miners and reduce emissions, which has been pirated by at least one other joker: sequester and crack CO2, lump the carbon, and […]

Historians who make stuff up, novelists who can’t novelise

Posted: June 6th 2012 16:41. Last modified: June 6th 2012 16:42

El misteri de l’assassinat del bisbe de Barcelona by Ponç Feliu and Miquel Mir

A curious Spanish, Trafalgar-era, overshot waterwheel

Posted: May 15th 2012 19:18. Last modified: May 24th 2012 14:15

Someone please explain to me how it works.

Hot news from the executors of Messrs Sapir & Whorf

Posted: May 7th 2012 23:10. Last modified: May 7th 2012 23:14

κρίσις? It's their fault for neologising.

A curious vertical axis wind turbine in 16th century La Mancha

Posted: May 7th 2012 22:14. Last modified: May 7th 2012 22:21

But how did it work?

Don’t plagiarise from the poor

Posted: April 12th 2012 11:33. Last modified: April 12th 2012 11:46

Introducing Secular thought, an ancient journal of the Canadian heathen.

Interchangeability of nominative and genitive forms of Spanish patronymics?

Posted: December 16th 2011 12:24. Last modified: December 16th 2011 13:03

I'm thinking of examples like Álvarez/Álvaro, Alves/ Alves, Benítez/Benito, Díaz/Diego, Domínguez/Domingo, Fernández/Fernando, Giménez/Ximeno, Gómez/Guillermo, González/Gonzalo, Gutiérrez/Gutierre, Henríquez/Henrique, Ibáñez/Juan, Juánez/Juan, López/Lope, Márquez/Marco, Martínez/Martín, Menéndez/Menendo, Muñoz/Muño, Núñez/Nuño, Ordóñez/Ordoño, Ortiz/Ortún, Peláez/Pelayo, Pérez/Pere, Ramírez/Ramiro, Rodríguez/Rodrigo, Ruiz/Ruy, Sánchez/Sancho, Suárez/Suero, Vázquez/Vasco, Velázquez/Velasco.

An old Dutch A&E joke

Posted: September 23rd 2011 21:37. Last modified: October 20th 2011 16:09

And the abbot who thinks little of his neighbour the emperor's worldly ambitions.

Presenting authorial & editorial notes in a Kindle edition of a 16th century bilingual text

Posted: August 30th 2011 11:48. Last modified: September 4th 2011 23:05

Hints gratefully received...

How Emperor Charles V ended up talking German to his horse (1)

Posted: August 24th 2011 15:43. Last modified: August 31st 2011 18:12

Domain-based code-switching from Daniel Bomberg's Jerusalem Talmud to Hieronymus Fabricius' De locutione. Featuring the wit and wisdom of Rabbi Jonathan of Beth Gubrin, Padua's medical school and Jewry, and the Polish utopian Jan Zamoyski. With excerpts from Fellini's I Clowns and a bodice-ripper by Kent M Chater, whose Agent Alighieri claims that "Like the great Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Spain I speak Spanish with God, French with men, German to my horse, and Italian to the ladies."

Counting the corrupt

Posted: May 22nd 2011 17:23. Last modified: May 23rd 2011 18:51

A numerate, corrupt mayor, some innumerate anti-corruption campaigners, and de Tocqueville.

PÀ TOMAQUET NOT CATALAN, OFFICIAL! [Was: If you can’t make history, make it up]

Posted: April 3rd 2011 00:46. Last modified: April 12th 2011 21:19

The origins of Catalan cookbook, La cuynera catalana, and a revelatory French description of pan con tomate (albeit soggy) in early 19th century Andalusia.

Assaulted by a pine processionary caterpillar!

Posted: February 5th 2011 23:12. Last modified: February 15th 2011 23:33

With chunks of Dioscorides and Andrés Laguna, including the wonderful story of what happened when an impotent bridegroom and a constipated friar involuntarily swapped medicines.

A bicycling boho hobo, tempted by Cockaigne, fearful of Ruin

Posted: February 2nd 2011 14:53. Last modified: February 2nd 2011 16:07

What to do when a mysterious lady offers you a free ride?

Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española

Posted: October 28th 2010 20:37. Last modified: October 28th 2010 23:13

Why I'll probably be sticking with the Biblioteca Virtual del Señor Licenciado Pero Pérez.

Ya en los nidos de antaño no hay pájaros ocaño

Posted: June 9th 2010 00:59. Last modified: June 9th 2010 11:03

An elderly Andalusian's way of saying "this year" may constitute early warning of global (or at least Peninsular) cataclysm, perhaps a regional franchise of the 2012 phenomenon.


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