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New euro note watermark: Europa about to be knobbed by a (Spanish?) bull

Posted: November 13th 2012 12:06.

Very funny, but Spain doesn't need a rescue, honest.

Battles of the if-only-they’d-been-homophones: Mars vs Marx

Posted: August 27th 2012 10:52. Last modified: August 27th 2012 10:56

An optimist might say that the chart shows a Roman deity giving way to a late Old Testament prophet giving way to scientific interest in the world(s) about us.

Fermín Salvochea, a successful comedy writer aged 1?

Posted: March 31st 2011 00:12. Last modified: April 1st 2011 12:02

Cádiz's anarchist saint seems to have been misunderstood regarding either his age or his achievements.

Alien meets Eroski girl, best 21st century Spanish short film?

Posted: September 17th 2010 20:08. Last modified: September 17th 2010 20:17

Unlike most subsidised official festival crap, it's fast, funny and real. Well, kind of.

Alectryon, the Ancient Greek model for our cuckold’s horns?

Posted: April 16th 2010 18:15. Last modified: April 17th 2010 11:42

With a field study of the nymphomaniacs of Goa and brief notes on the early history of composite grafts.

Garzón and the Batman theory of justice

Posted: April 13th 2010 13:34. Last modified: April 14th 2010 11:44

The relative awfulness of, and defining differences between, English and Spanish justice.

Photos and video of snowstorm in Park Güell

Posted: March 8th 2010 20:00. Last modified: March 8th 2010 20:08

Includes video of snow felling a pine tree and a photo of a municipal bus which almost skated its way down-town.

How not to win la Guerra de los Toros, or The Cattle Raid of Cooley revisited

Posted: March 6th 2010 11:12. Last modified: March 6th 2010 11:36

Some historical advice from an Irish perspective for Esperanza Aguirre on the pitfalls of attempting to demonstrate by symbolic means the virile and libertarian spirit of Madrid in the invented and regrettable conflict between it and doldrummed Barcelona.

The Lutheran conspiracy against Spain

Posted: February 19th 2010 01:08. Last modified: February 19th 2010 22:11

With the Anglo-Saxon plot in tatters and Jewish machinations a non-starter, some strategic paranoia for Mr Zapatero. (Like: Is Mendelssohn's Elijah a secret weapon of German subversion?)

Still life or road-kill?

Posted: October 20th 2009 17:21. Last modified: October 20th 2009 17:23

There's an oddly proportioned hare in one of this autumn's auctions in Barcelona.

How many spokes should the gypsy chakra have?

Posted: May 21st 2009 23:08.

A Barcelona scrap-metal dealer only has 12 on the favicon on his website.

Two Brad Pitt exclusives

Posted: April 16th 2009 09:57. Last modified: April 16th 2009 10:01

  • French farmer tells him, "Get off my land!"
  • Did a Pakistani Dracula turn Brad and Angelina into zombies?

Mole models in Cervantes

Posted: April 9th 2009 17:43. Last modified: August 31st 2009 10:23

From saviour to saved to savoury: the de-/remystification of bodily imperfection.

The fundamental difference between Mussolini and Berlusconi

Posted: April 3rd 2009 12:09. Last modified: April 3rd 2009 12:12

Is Silvio a cyborg?

David Icke-like view of the relationship between pigeons and statues

Posted: February 23rd 2009 13:11. Last modified: July 16th 2012 08:55

Statues are designed to be bird-friendly on the orders of a mysterious avian deity, which may have held sway over Luis Buñuel.

Calling all Barcelona-based Ukrainian anarcho-communists

Posted: January 20th 2009 08:16. Last modified: April 21st 2009 13:01

Local "anarchists" showing Nestor Makhno, paysan d'Ukraine this Friday.

Burning dog: bizarre and brutal winter solstice celebrations in Spanish Pyrenees

Posted: January 5th 2009 22:42. Last modified: April 13th 2009 22:15

The sun dog is seen above reborn, having previously mysteriously died at the end of the solar year: While its soul wanders the underworld, its old and weary body is barbecued and consumed in dark hovels by fearful peasants: I've forgotten who it was who believed the Old Testament was originally written in English, or […]

Eye and Hand of Fatima on gypsy door in Perpignan

Posted: December 7th 2008 12:41. Last modified: April 13th 2009 23:57

Efforts have been made to erase a sticker of a member of the Incredible Hulk clan. Superimposed on the wooden cross of the door, what a formidable Trinity that would have been! (Anglocabrones often say the eye belongs to Providence. Whatever.) Sometimes the Eye and the Hand are combined in one icon, as in this […]


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