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The storks of war

Posted: January 30th 2010 00:05. Last modified: January 30th 2010 00:07

A fragment from Italo Calvino's quasi-17th century folk romance, Il visconte dimezzato/The cloven viscount, uses storks as a portent of battle. Several unconnected 2nd century Greek accounts might appear to do the same, perhaps particularly if one's a lazy sod and doesn't read anything but scraps of stuff on Google Books.

Why I’m called Trevor

Posted: November 12th 2009 17:10. Last modified: November 19th 2009 23:59

Or rather, how my grandfather seems to have been named after a minor railway station.

Semen shortage on Montjuïc, Barcelona

Posted: March 21st 2009 08:44.

The cottaging zone is getting so popular they're having to pipe the stuff in.


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