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Three justifications for jumping red lights in Spain

Posted: December 7th 2012 15:27. Last modified: December 7th 2012 15:29

You're a policeman. Sometimes they put the winky-winky on as they jump and then turn it off again, often they don't bother. You know a policeman. You don't intend to go very far on the other side. I find this the most puzzling, and one of its practicioners almost nailed me this morning.

World Heritage taxi

Posted: November 2nd 2012 16:50. Last modified: November 2nd 2012 16:51

And why not? The taxi has far, far greater claims than beautiful but culturally insignificant places like Úbeda. But would drivers stump up the bribes required by UNESCO officials?

Bicing, Spain’s worst public bike scheme

Posted: July 16th 2012 21:53. Last modified: July 16th 2012 22:04

Sez a German motoring organisation.

Un año en la vida de una estación de Bicing

Posted: June 17th 2012 20:14. Last modified: October 23rd 2013 11:58

Disponibilidad de bicicletas en Torrent de les Flors (plaça Rovira i Trias) para el año 2012-3.

The 1903 Paris-Madrid race that got away

Posted: May 29th 2012 16:05. Last modified: May 29th 2012 16:13

A remarkable feat of memory from Arturo Barea's autobiography.

A bicycling boho hobo, tempted by Cockaigne, fearful of Ruin

Posted: February 2nd 2011 14:53. Last modified: February 2nd 2011 16:07

What to do when a mysterious lady offers you a free ride?

The right and the wrong type of snow, according to Avicenna, Aristotle and Plutarch

Posted: February 11th 2010 00:19. Last modified: February 11th 2010 07:40

With an excerpt from a plea for more state funding by the Bostonian Western Rail-road, in which we are given to understand that snow is not necessarily a bad thing.

Eastern Black Sea Tour, Tunisia

Posted: February 8th 2010 15:08.

TravelShop Turkey's bus doesn't actually take you to Istanbul or Tunis, but love those krazy keywords (and of course even Trabzon isn't that Turkish any more anyway).

Barcelona Airport T1 pics

Posted: January 12th 2010 08:25. Last modified: January 12th 2010 08:28

But getting there is still a pain in one's posterior end.

Spidy Wasch

Posted: June 29th 2009 11:45. Last modified: June 30th 2009 18:48

A bit of free association, or rambling, as it is more widely known.

Link sink for 28/05/2009

Posted: May 28th 2009 09:39. Last modified: May 28th 2009 09:44

Drinking, driving, cursing.

The mugger, mugged (3)

Posted: May 11th 2009 10:18. Last modified: May 11th 2009 10:21

With a description of how thieves work Barcelona's metro station platforms.

Spanish pavements

Posted: April 20th 2009 10:45. Last modified: April 20th 2009 10:56

They're not necessarily for pedestrians.

Two Brad Pitt exclusives

Posted: April 16th 2009 09:57. Last modified: April 16th 2009 10:01

  • French farmer tells him, "Get off my land!"
  • Did a Pakistani Dracula turn Brad and Angelina into zombies?

The war on arsematrons

Posted: April 14th 2009 09:31. Last modified: April 14th 2009 10:17

After years of shilly-shallying, will France finally stand up to American fartpower?

Terminal Germinal

Posted: April 13th 2009 11:49. Last modified: January 9th 2012 11:22

The pros of walking to Barcelona Airport.

What have racing cyclists and American Black Vultures got in common?

Posted: March 28th 2009 09:13. Last modified: March 28th 2009 09:18


Tantalisingly facked

Posted: March 22nd 2009 22:14. Last modified: March 22nd 2009 22:16

OCB's Black Thinking brand launches a startling new ambient campaign.

Spanish airport traffic trends

Posted: March 20th 2009 19:40. Last modified: May 6th 2009 09:26

Variation in air traffic numbers throws interesting light on Spain's problems as it plunges into recession.

Zombie manufacturing

Posted: March 14th 2009 22:30. Last modified: March 14th 2009 22:37

The death agonies of the car industry in Barcelona's Zona Franca district.


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