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From the lexical underground, “rapport”

Posted: June 8th 2018 15:45.

Symmetries in textiles, architecture and music.

Iberian debut of a classic paranoiac Dutch neither-nor motif?

Posted: March 5th 2013 13:02. Last modified: March 5th 2013 14:20

You do something bad, I'll do something ugly.

Do financial instruments count as technology?

Posted: October 23rd 2012 11:16. Last modified: October 23rd 2012 11:21

Re this, JB comments that showing any kind of relationship between financial and technological innovation is kind of hard, but rather liked this illustration - of what happens when you let an entrepreneur also run monetary policy. (When was Spain's first bubble? Spanish Wikipedia is big on Anglo disasters, but doesn't mention Spanish railways in […]

Good Barcelona World rants

Posted: September 9th 2012 23:02. Last modified: September 9th 2012 23:05

Miquel at Tot Barcelona suspects this may just be another scheme to enrich the Catalan oligarchy at the cost of the rest, while Salvador Sostres wonders why, since profit trails here generally lead to fiscal paradises rather than reinvestment, the ruling class describe themselves as Catalan, rather than Swiss, patriots. Did Barcelona's tourist crime entrepreneurs […]

What to do about the miners

Posted: July 10th 2012 23:46. Last modified: July 10th 2012 23:54

Now the Spanish government has adopted my scheme to reduce the number of ayuntamientos, they will surely be on the line soon to purchase my ancient and well-documented plan to provide work for miners and reduce emissions, which has been pirated by at least one other joker: sequester and crack CO2, lump the carbon, and […]

Investment is a simple game

Posted: June 30th 2012 12:34. Last modified: July 10th 2012 11:54

Loads of loons chase a pot of gold for years, and at the end the banks win.

Un año en la vida de una estación de Bicing

Posted: June 17th 2012 20:14. Last modified: October 23rd 2013 11:58

Disponibilidad de bicicletas en Torrent de les Flors (plaça Rovira i Trias) para el año 2012-3.

Segmentation of the bed-in-a-shed market

Posted: May 25th 2012 18:17. Last modified: May 25th 2012 18:29

Brand it "gypsy" and the desert is your oyster.

Preluding the great Spanish wine misselling scandal?

Posted: May 20th 2012 23:35. Last modified: May 20th 2012 23:42

Pass the Don Simón.

A curious vertical axis wind turbine in 16th century La Mancha

Posted: May 7th 2012 22:14. Last modified: May 7th 2012 22:21

But how did it work?

Gaudí Sands, a retro slave colony?

Posted: March 23rd 2012 10:28. Last modified: March 23rd 2012 10:36

Gaudí's work was financed from the fortune built upon Joan Güell's Cuban slave empire, so if Eurovegas is going to come to the marshes of the Llobregat, what more appropriate way to staff it than by shackling and transporting some of the tens of thousands of locally unemployed Africans?

Plumbing economics in Barcelona

Posted: July 28th 2011 11:00. Last modified: July 28th 2011 11:02

Two ways of screwing up a boiler installation and still making a profit.

Pi$$-poor flat advertising in Barcelona

Posted: July 27th 2011 16:13. Last modified: August 15th 2011 11:02

If in doubt, lead off with an exploding boiler.

Spain’s self-employed

Posted: June 22nd 2011 19:05. Last modified: June 22nd 2011 19:16

Destined to save the nation? More numerous than thought? Someone explain, please.

Counting the corrupt

Posted: May 22nd 2011 17:23. Last modified: May 23rd 2011 18:51

A numerate, corrupt mayor, some innumerate anti-corruption campaigners, and de Tocqueville.

Barcelona independence referendum?

Posted: April 11th 2011 22:35. Last modified: April 13th 2011 10:30


Concierto económico for Catalonia, independence for Andalusia?

Posted: April 3rd 2011 22:34. Last modified: April 3rd 2011 22:59

With observations regarding the possible implications for Extramaduran truckers and flamenco policy.

New World Order

Posted: March 5th 2011 09:13.

Someone remind me why Gaddafi is to be pursued for crimes against humanity but Laurent Gbagbo is not.

With Ibex in free-fall, La Vanguardia announces European bail-out

Posted: May 14th 2010 13:33. Last modified: May 14th 2010 13:59

But we were hoping that there would be rather more than 99 euromillions.

How many working Andalusians does it take to keep a fellow-countryman on the dole?

Posted: April 30th 2010 12:47. Last modified: April 30th 2010 12:49

More than some people think.


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