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Clips de audio del organillo de manubrio/Street organ audio clips

Posted: December 27th 2015 10:53.


Hipster traitors

Posted: December 26th 2015 18:46.

Sorry, but the outrage of the more retarded fans of Camden Town Brewery ain't half as funny as the Mast Brothers' hipster chocolate scam. Jonnykzj saw it all coming: hipster beardos are actually Calvinist infiltrators:

ASDA mobile pay-as-you-go is excellent

Posted: December 21st 2015 20:15.

Previously I had Vodafone, who wouldn't stop spamming me, and whose charging regime was opaque and predatory. I've had ASDA since the summer now and it's one care less.

Seniorita’s sauna and massage parlour, Chatsworth Road, Clapton, London

Posted: December 16th 2015 12:04.

Google Brain is rounding off this blog's already manifest redundancy, so let's treasure Seniorita's while we may:

Seniorita's is of course advertised on pimpsites as a brothel (grab). This supposed punter will never make it in the grocery trade:

Senioritas At 2 chatsworth rd london E5 you will find a mp with about 8 young chinese girls.All between 7-9[?????].Nice clean place with good

8th Meeting of Writers in Andalusian

Posted: December 11th 2015 22:56.

InformationStart writing in Andalusian

Beyond digesting ducks

Posted: December 11th 2015 12:13.

Medium-sized data and the street organ's mannequin.

Come on, Simon

Posted: November 27th 2015 10:43.

8/1 on Ukip in Oldham three weeks ago seemed like spectacularly good use of a tenner, and Ladbrokes are now down to 5/2, which the Speccie thinks is still high. But disaster: nice Mr McMahon has told nice Mr Corbyn to fuck off back to his cave and it'll probably take a Danczuk defection next […]

I can’t stop looking at Muslim women’s feet

Posted: November 26th 2015 23:15. Last modified: November 27th 2015 09:58

With an Afro-Saxon chronicle.

German double eagle/Adele pun quickly removed

Posted: November 25th 2015 14:51.

Google News: The source at RP Online: Seemed like a good idea to me.

By the face

Posted: November 24th 2015 10:36.

Jordi Pujol Ferrusola has apparently been paying Liberty Seguros an average of €45 per annum per car to insure a Mercedes Benz 230 SL Pagoda, a Porsche 911 S 2.7 turbo coupé, a Lotus Elan and a Ferrari F40. Crónica Global:

Un informe de la UDEF revela que a Jordi Pujol Ferrusola las pólizas de seguro de cuatro de los coches de lujo de su propiedad le salían by the face, o casi.

I don't know

An organ-grinder at Archway

Posted: November 22nd 2015 23:53.

Pleasures and treasures of the Edwardian street, by a descendant of Scottish banditti.

French state hit squad pursuing Daily Mail Paris team

Posted: November 20th 2015 08:32. Last modified: November 20th 2015 08:51

The new consensus is not to waste billions on bombing campaigns against petty criminals with a convenient and bloody millennial ideology, smartphones and social media, but that the whole movement can be utterly demoralised by the Daily Mail publishing pictures of suicide bombers in the bath, that for Paul Dacre this is the new Stephen […]

Nicht Offenbach, sondern Offenekloake

Posted: November 19th 2015 22:09. Last modified: November 19th 2015 15:11

Explanation: These lovely folks, who unfortunately make some boring old men's heads and bowels explode with fear and vergüenza ajena/sympathetic shame, have as one of their emotistraps the alleged Beethovenism re Bach, "Not a brook but an ocean." The sea is so boring. Imagine the success Charles Trenet might have had with the following if […]

Alostrophe! Now you see’s it, now you dont!

Posted: November 18th 2015 16:33. Last modified: November 20th 2015 08:13

Two missing apostrophes near the grocer's grocer.

Time for people to start loving the grocer’s apostrophe

Posted: November 17th 2015 23:53. Last modified: November 17th 2015 23:54

Check the photo of French fans from England-France at Wembley tonight. The match was all about soft power, of which I can't find a history. I mean, it's not like it started with Joe Nye in 1990. Any suggestions? (You know I'm thinking about the good generally done to the international image of the Savoy/Italy […]

It’s time for all rationalists to keep and bear arms

Posted: November 14th 2015 17:51. Last modified: November 14th 2015 18:12

Pass a couple of simple tests and I will sell you the means to protect yourself against the opponents of life, freedom, peace and prosperity in your neighbourhood.

Maté a mi señora como me da la gana

Posted: November 11th 2015 11:11. Last modified: November 11th 2015 11:17

Por Higinia Balaguer

Natural enemies of the cochineal insect

Posted: November 10th 2015 22:14. Last modified: November 10th 2015 22:49

Mariquitas can still save the prickly pear.

Hackney Brook restoration scheme

Posted: November 7th 2015 19:43.

Iain Sinclair wrote of when "global warming rolls a warm sea [up] the course of the old Hackney Brook." The flow's going to be the other way. Let me explain.

Comparatives: Spain vs Yugoslavia

Posted: November 6th 2015 10:23.

Montenegro's population is only a tenth of that of Catalonia's, but Critilo's conclusion over at ¿Hay derecho? - that the political sovereignty of (new) state(let)s is posited on monetary and economic sovereignty - still deserves a wider audience than the translation suggests.

(On the other hand, Candide, who brings considerable knowledge of the Balkans to bear on Iberian problems, appears to


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