If the PP isn’t monstrously corrupt, why isn’t Bárcenas wearing cement shoes?

You're not telling me the mafia's stupid or forgiving, surely?

Trebots @ Wednesday July 17th 2013 11:12

Manuel Jabois ($):

Empieza a detectarse en España un empecinamiento absurdo por conocer el método de financiación del Partido Popular. Es como si con el testimonio de un delincuente salido del lumpen ya hubiera que hacer caer al Gobierno. Hoy Bárcenas, mañana Makinavaja. Habría que ver esos papeles qué relevancia tienen. Todos nos hemos encargado alguna vez de las cuentas del PP veinte años seguidos y pudimos habérnoslos inventado. Cualquiera pudo haber levantado una ficción con pagos de constructores y fingir entregar parte del dinero a los dirigentes. No puede creerse antes la palabra de un ladrón que la de una persona honorable, por mucho que haya firmado un recibí o haya dicho que recibió el dinero.

I am struggling to imagine construction companies etc handing over millions - the only logical explanation for Bárcenas' bulging accounts - without implementing any system of posterior checks to ensure that at least part of them ended up in the accounts of those directly responsible for assigning them contracts.

Among other mental difficulties this morning: Is Fèlix Millet (English Wikipedia page, anyone?) the Catalan Bárcenas? If he is not, then can someone explain what is so different about his case? If he is, then how come he is still eating in nice restaurants while poor old Luis is handing out clothing in the prison at Soto del Real?

Not among my torments this morning: an acquaintance, protagoniste oublié of this, is apparently wearying of his startling resemblance in mould and manner to LB, but, short of plastic surgery and lessons in humility, what can be done?

  • Cement shoes (1) Cement shoes is a slang term adopted by the American Mafia crime world for a method of execution that involves weighting down a victim and throwing him or her into the water to drown. It has become adopted in the US as a humorous term representing any exotic threat from criminals. This gives rise to the term of someone who "sleeps with the fishes", a euphemism for the deceased. It was frequently used by the Gambino crime family in the prohibition era.
  • Convergence and Union (14) Convergence and Union is a Catalan nationalist electoral alliance in Catalonia, Spain. CiU is a federation of two constituent parties, the larger Democratic Convergence of Catalonia and its smaller counterpart, the Democratic Union of Catalonia. It is currently led by Artur Mas, who is also the current President of the Catalan Government.
  • Luis Bárcenas (1) José Luis Bárcenas Gutiérrez is a Spanish politician in the Partido Popular. A former senator and party Treasurer, he has been embroiled in political corruption scandals and was imprisoned in 2013, pending trial.
  • People's Party (Spain) (28) The People's Party is a conservative, and Christian democraticpolitical party in Spain. It is one of the two major parties of modern Spanish politics.
  • Soto del Real (1) Soto del Real, whose former name was Chozas de la Sierra, is a town and municipality in the northern area of the autonomous Community of Madrid which had 8,294 inhabitants in 2009.
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  1. Tom
    July 17th 2013 14:34

    Millet is the Catalan Bárcenas, sense dubte. But he hasn't been considered a flight risk probably partly because he is less afraid of waking up dead.

    What you're hinting at - some sort of corroborative something - is what's needed. And I agree that it must exist. That doesn't mean we'll see it, of course.



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