SE Spanish landscapes from the late 60s

Some splendid photos of Almería, Alicante and Murcia.

Trebots @ Wednesday February 13th 2013 13:14

Eucalyptus plantations on the Mojácar-Huércal road, late 60s. Image: Horacio Capel. More pics.

These pics by Horacio Capel provide something of backdrop for those of you who have read Juan Goytisolo's brilliant Campos de Níjar, and then of course there's the spag western heritage... [Why PDF? Don't be churlish!]

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  1. Megan
    February 13th 2013 21:19

    Have you found most documents/pdfs to be downloadable on that digital database?

  2. Trebots
    February 14th 2013 11:38

    I haven't looked - that one just turned up in RSS!

  3. Megan
    February 14th 2013 17:35

    Which RSS blog? I want to sign up!

  4. Trebots
    February 15th 2013 10:33

    I lied, it's actually on Fackbook. I'd prefer XML but don't think they use it.

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    September 19th 2014 21:59

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