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Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española

Posted: October 28th 2010 20:37. Last modified: October 28th 2010 23:13

Why I'll probably be sticking with the Biblioteca Virtual del Señor Licenciado Pero Pérez.

Montilla’s bonds: the kind of socialist redistribution I like

Posted: October 23rd 2010 16:54. Last modified: October 23rd 2010 16:56

I bought myself my wodge of Catalan bonds, which as Barcepundit comments is a pyramid scheme sending good money in pursuit of bad, with the difference that the tab for my gains will ultimately be financed by those without the means to participate. Thanks, poor people, for helping me out this autumn.

The Arabs say خروف, the Catalans say ovella, the Chinese say 羊, but the Spanish apparently say Ovis orientalis aries

Posted: October 22nd 2010 16:35. Last modified: October 22nd 2010 18:54

Can something be done about the nutters who use scientific rather than common names for Wikipedia articles, or is it time to call the whole thing off?

Spain and the correct relationship between man and dog

Posted: October 18th 2010 00:31. Last modified: October 18th 2010 09:15

Away with those canine metaphors! More Cela in translation!

Tivoli, Rotherham

Posted: October 15th 2010 22:47. Last modified: October 15th 2010 22:50

Because of the fame of the gardens of the Villa d'Este [at Tivoli] (and of their namesake in Paris), the name has also been applied to other entities: ... A stand at the Millmoor stadium in Rotherham.

Alboraya Council’s tinker books

Posted: October 14th 2010 15:02. Last modified: October 14th 2010 15:08

The reforms of the Council of Trent led to parishes registering in five books--quinque libri--the baptisms, confirmations, communions, marriages, deaths and excommunications celebrated there. Quinquilleros, hojalateros and other itinerant pot-breakers and -menders were nominally Catholic but frowned on and frequently persecuted by the establishment, so it's good to see the Ajuntament de Alboraya drawing them […]

Pinochet, the last man up?

Posted: October 13th 2010 21:48. Last modified: October 18th 2010 09:27

Apparently he's made his way along a secret passage from Hell and is lying in wait in the San José mine. BoyNamedSue says the cage will jam in the shaft and Jack Straw will release him.

Death by bagpipes

Posted: October 13th 2010 21:38. Last modified: October 13th 2010 21:39

Bull-fighting, Galician style.

Barcelona Star Wars Procession

Posted: October 6th 2010 16:37.

Seen Sunday on this Barcelona city tour. Paying people to mount ridiculous events to coincide with walks doesn’t come cheap, but it’s something we just have to do. Barcelona is full unemployable actors, and I spent ages trying to persuade v...

Nazis sell newspapers, but not every swastika is a Nazi swastika

Posted: October 4th 2010 19:37. Last modified: October 4th 2010 19:54

Some Swedish silliness from La Vanguardia, followed by a semi-functional justification for so much ant fucking.

Lleida airport (pot), meet Ciudad Real airport (kettle)

Posted: October 2nd 2010 18:09. Last modified: October 2nd 2010 19:20

La Vanguardia appears interested in Spanish local airports as a means of diverting large sums of public money to private pockets to no obvious public benefit--except when the airport happens to be a Catalan one.

Aragon public health service promotes margarine urban legends

Posted: October 1st 2010 01:42.

An email including all of this ( yep the turkey too), was received via a Catalan preventative medicine trainer from an originator who signs herself "Servicio de Promoción de la Salud y Prevención de la Enfermedad, Dirección General de Salud Pública, Dpto. Salud y Consumo - Gobierno de Aragón." The Catalan and Aragonese health services […]


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