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Happy New Year!

Posted: December 31st 2010 20:08.

I suppose you could say he's my role model.

Origins of cock and bull

Posted: December 30th 2010 00:10. Last modified: December 30th 2010 00:18

I'm going to try and pin it on John of Bridlington's rapidly disproven prophecy of a cock and bull and Anglo-French relations.

The Nay of the Chacoli

Posted: December 29th 2010 12:38. Last modified: December 29th 2010 12:40

The Basque provinces demand observance of protected geographical status for their lousy wine, but Burgos fights back with a costly study centre project that will prove that they make lousy wine too. ¡Viva la crisis!

Coals to Newcastle, or the great Spanish electricity export swindle

Posted: December 28th 2010 21:06. Last modified: December 28th 2010 21:54

If Spain is selling electricity to France, how come Spanish consumer prices are 50% higher than north of the border?

The Spanish economy as A Clockwork Orange

Posted: December 26th 2010 18:46. Last modified: December 26th 2010 18:49

The ayes have it?

Memento mori = Don’t forget to die

Posted: December 25th 2010 12:40.

Over at Mr Harvey's place, to whom and all a happy Christmas.

One day I'll explain how for certain folks "Vamos a comprar un pato" came to mean "Let's get stoned out of our fricking tree," but today is a day of joy, hope and peace, and so they may slumber on while I cook the bloody thing.

Symbols of French nation and state: rooster vs eagle in the 18th & 19th century corpus

Posted: December 23rd 2010 13:48. Last modified: December 23rd 2010 13:52

With some vague rabbitings on my silence and the rebirth of the humanities.

Who cares about education when you’ve got lotteries, lotteries, lotteries!

Posted: December 22nd 2010 16:30. Last modified: December 23rd 2010 13:02

La Vanguardia's editors appear to think that the Supreme Court's decision to officially re-introduce Spanish into schools is considerably less important for the future of Barcelona than today's gambling results.

Mens insana in vico insano?

Posted: December 20th 2010 18:21. Last modified: December 20th 2010 18:26

In one of a number of Neapolitan-style toxic waste mafia scandals currently breaking in Spain (today it was also announced that of the 141 councils in Alicante province, 23 are under investigation for waste and planning offences), it has been alleged that Cerdanyola hosts an illegal and potentially explosive dump containing at least 650,000 tonnes […]

In an OCR + MT experiment, Quest Visual Word Lens says that Grilled Sausages -> A LA PARILLA SALCHICHAS

Posted: December 19th 2010 04:34.

One of the more interesting developments at the guided tours business over the past few years has been an increase in the proportion of weird walks sold as younger customers have started using decent, cheap handheld-hosted apps to cover the basic "¡Lo...

Artur Mas: ¡Estamos a punto de llegar a Itaca!

Posted: November 27th 2010 11:17. Last modified: November 27th 2010 14:35

Someone's been eating my porridge, growled daddy bear, before sinking in the surf.

¡¡¡Robada, la bicicleta en la que fui a Hungría!!!

Posted: November 24th 2010 11:00. Last modified: November 24th 2010 18:50

Batavus Tripper (modelo clásico holandés de los 70 - muy pocos en circulación) color original marrón dorado freno de contrapedal (back-pedal brake) - los Mossos me detuvieron una vez bajando del Tibidabo por conducir aparentemente sin frenos sin marchas sin guardabarros robada en Gracia (pl Rovira) avisos al 617 039 956 premio recuperación: cena de […]

Cataloonia, Sweden on the Med

Posted: November 22nd 2010 21:29. Last modified: November 23rd 2010 08:15

Jordi Pujol's venerable dream appears finally to have been realised, although perhaps not quite as he anticipated.

Buffalo Bill, first vendor of palomitas/popcorn in Spain?

Posted: November 15th 2010 23:52. Last modified: December 21st 2011 15:50

La Vanguardia in 1889 re Buffalo Bill's Wild West in Barcelona: A la puerta del hipódromo vimos vendedores de caña dulce y en el interior unos vendedores ambulantes ofrecían otro dulce preparado con granos de maíz y miel. Honey-coated popcorn was already part of Cody's commercial package in New York five years before, and La […]

Ser catalá és treballar dur i amb les idees clares

Posted: November 15th 2010 00:46. Last modified: November 15th 2010 09:55

Being Catalan apparently means working hard without thinking very much, but where does that leave us?

Renfe prefers you to fly

Posted: November 11th 2010 10:54. Last modified: November 11th 2010 11:51

If not, why is it so difficult to buy advance tickets from them?

Constantí Ribalaigua, the Catalan who DIDN’T invent the daiquiri, for Pete’s sake

Posted: November 4th 2010 19:03. Last modified: December 5th 2010 16:03

Of Tate Cabré, ethnicity, creativity, and talking dogs that shit up walls.

Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española

Posted: October 28th 2010 20:37. Last modified: October 28th 2010 23:13

Why I'll probably be sticking with the Biblioteca Virtual del Señor Licenciado Pero Pérez.

Montilla’s bonds: the kind of socialist redistribution I like

Posted: October 23rd 2010 16:54. Last modified: October 23rd 2010 16:56

I bought myself my wodge of Catalan bonds, which as Barcepundit comments is a pyramid scheme sending good money in pursuit of bad, with the difference that the tab for my gains will ultimately be financed by those without the means to participate. Thanks, poor people, for helping me out this autumn.

The Arabs say خروف, the Catalans say ovella, the Chinese say 羊, but the Spanish apparently say Ovis orientalis aries

Posted: October 22nd 2010 16:35. Last modified: October 22nd 2010 18:54

Can something be done about the nutters who use scientific rather than common names for Wikipedia articles, or is it time to call the whole thing off?


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