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Pan di Spagna?

Posted: September 29th 2009 17:52. Last modified: September 29th 2009 17:55

A Sicilian says it ain't.


Posted: September 29th 2009 13:38.

Can someone work out from this steaming pool of verbal diarrhea if they're loading the donkey down with GPS recorders etc and then letting it go wherever it wants? Now that would be really interesting. Er, not, actually. [Whatever happened to Deirdre (?) and the donkey and cart with which she made her way from […]

Bites with denomination of origin

Posted: September 28th 2009 15:24. Last modified: September 28th 2009 15:26

Tracing that hot doggie.

The Italians have the all best games

Posted: September 22nd 2009 12:15. Last modified: September 22nd 2009 12:18

(Even if they can't make a decent paella.)

Male prostitute waiting for business in Park Güell

Posted: September 21st 2009 20:30.

It's all a question of taste and budget in Gaudy's famous Parky Gay, just up the road from the Sangria Familia.

Raphael tortures Aquarius, Matt Monro destroys Libre (subtitled)

Posted: September 18th 2009 20:22. Last modified: September 19th 2009 00:26

Do Spanish speakers get more excited about "defective" accents than English speakers?

Mysterious Zaragoza nights

Posted: September 17th 2009 13:45. Last modified: September 17th 2009 13:47

Between-wars texts about Zaragoza by Germans who appear never to have visited the place.

El gallito inglés / le coq anglais

Posted: September 15th 2009 16:47. Last modified: February 2nd 2010 22:41

Proud English cock, limp Latin hen: the binary opposition of English and Spanish fowls as a metaphor for the contrast between growing British military might and declining Spanish power.


Posted: September 10th 2009 12:07.

Or, the (Parisian) Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia (via). Recalls SHIT (photos), the Servicio de Hosteleria Industrial de Terrassa, which sells big saucepans. Should organisations aim for stupid/obscene acronyms on the basis that all shit is good shit?

Man combing Vietnamese pot-bellied pig in Cuenca courtyard

Posted: September 8th 2009 21:54. Last modified: September 9th 2009 10:15

Or perhaps it isn't.

Referendums on independence are for pussies

Posted: September 8th 2009 12:40. Last modified: September 8th 2009 15:20

Serious separatists will drive on the left, in Vic, starting Sunday.

The lurch and fall of the Almería coast

Posted: September 5th 2009 11:04. Last modified: September 5th 2009 11:11

Excerpts from Juan Goytisolo and Ramón Fernández Palmeral, with an epitaph from George Orwell.

¡Viva España!

Posted: September 4th 2009 11:32. Last modified: September 4th 2009 11:33

A drunk-sounding Peacock Band playing accordions, bones, and mouth organs in a pub in Chelsworth, Suffolk the early 1970s.

Roddy Doyle’s niggers of Europe explained

Posted: September 2nd 2009 21:40.

Don't claim national origins for yourselves without very carefully considering the possible consequences.

Madrid Olympic bid scuppered by constitutional chaos?

Posted: September 2nd 2009 20:01.

Is Spain a federal state? Is Arenys de Munt the new Andorra? Can I pay taxes to anyone I want?

Jaycee integrated into the bondage porn industry

Posted: September 2nd 2009 10:14.

40+ years of feminism, and this is the best the Huffington Post and can come up with.

Wok jock croc shock?

Posted: September 1st 2009 08:41.

Will my favourite herpetoid be safe from the war on the narco wild life?


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