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A league and a turd/Legua y mierda

Posted: March 30th 2009 20:27. Last modified: March 30th 2009 20:30

Minsheu's Pleasant and Delightfull Dialogues: where did he get all that horseshit?

What have racing cyclists and American Black Vultures got in common?

Posted: March 28th 2009 09:13. Last modified: March 28th 2009 09:18


Bleeding-heart hippy

Posted: March 27th 2009 12:18. Last modified: March 27th 2009 12:34

Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Teresa de Jesús, Carmelo, Barcelona.

Follow la quiniela live with PHP data import to Excel

Posted: March 26th 2009 09:21.

Here. Concept here.

Belgian tourist turns suicidal after eating tapas at the Lizarran chain

Posted: March 25th 2009 19:40. Last modified: March 25th 2009 19:41

Carles Miró wonders why more people are not similarly affected.

Tantalisingly facked

Posted: March 22nd 2009 22:14. Last modified: March 22nd 2009 22:16

OCB's Black Thinking brand launches a startling new ambient campaign.

Misspent lunch with the birds

Posted: March 21st 2009 16:54. Last modified: March 21st 2009 21:39

I hope to post interviews and analysis soon.

Semen shortage on Montjuïc, Barcelona

Posted: March 21st 2009 08:44.

The cottaging zone is getting so popular they're having to pipe the stuff in.

Spanish airport traffic trends

Posted: March 20th 2009 19:40. Last modified: May 6th 2009 09:26

Variation in air traffic numbers throws interesting light on Spain's problems as it plunges into recession.

The concierge copyist

Posted: March 20th 2009 16:53. Last modified: March 20th 2009 16:59

The Spanish bureaucracy is defeated with its weapon of choice.

Sausage sourcing as an index of international cultural and political orientation

Posted: March 19th 2009 19:14. Last modified: March 19th 2009 19:35

The cases of Spain and Holland.

Early 20th century photographs of European gypsies

Posted: March 18th 2009 22:23.

Arthur Thesleff seems to have burnt most film further east, but there's a nice snap of some early Andalusians.

Duck hunting in the nature reserve on the Llobregat

Posted: March 18th 2009 18:38. Last modified: March 18th 2009 18:46

It's no longer a swinging safari now the nature-lovers have got guns too.

The smog is back

Posted: March 18th 2009 09:27. Last modified: March 18th 2009 09:28

But here are a couple of photos from the day after the great storm

The new apaches

Posted: March 17th 2009 08:23.

"They will respect neither the putrefied corpses of high whores nor the imbecilic devotion of the wage earner to his master’s money."

Sun setting over tourist bars in Barcelona

Posted: March 17th 2009 07:14. Last modified: March 17th 2009 07:23

Where are the heaving (crowds of) drunks of yesteryear?

The Asociación de Familias Adoptantes en China promotes itself with a picture of slitty-eyed chinkies

Posted: March 15th 2009 19:04. Last modified: March 16th 2009 10:34

But is the prevailing Spanish refusal to distinguish racism from multiculturalism actually more sensible than the Anglocabrón approach?

Gaudí’s pelican leaves Sagrada Familia, makes new home in Bavaria

Posted: March 15th 2009 17:03. Last modified: March 15th 2009 19:29

Is it on a mission from God?

Zombie manufacturing

Posted: March 14th 2009 22:30. Last modified: March 14th 2009 22:37

The death agonies of the car industry in Barcelona's Zona Franca district.

Crisisssss – 4 fuets for 5€

Posted: March 14th 2009 08:59. Last modified: March 14th 2009 09:59

Stallholders in Vilafranca del Penedès are slashing prices, but don't let greed get the better of you.


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