Trebots @ Tuesday October 21st 2008 11:31

This piece by Julio José Elías Baturones explains how PSOE lawmakers led by Alfonso Guerra neutralised the guarantees contained in the constitution. I don't know whether it's accurate or complete, but it certainly makes recent events and today's judicial strike easier to understand.

  • Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (61) The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista Obrero Español [parˈtiðo soθjaˈlista oˈβɾeɾo espaˈɲol]; better known by its initials, PSOE [peˈsoe]), is a social-democratic and federalist political party in Spain.
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  1. boynamedsue
    October 21st 2008 18:42

    The villain of the piece is Napoleon. The justice systems of all the latin countries suffer from the close association between the state/police/judiciary. At the moment the anglo-saxon countries still have the jury system, and relativelyindependent judges (as long as it's not bombing paddies in the dock) which allows some semblence of justice.

    Witness the pathetically corrupt and politicised trial of the "4f"



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