Trebots @ Thursday November 17th 2005 15:14

Apparently (via Onze Taal) a Serbian village is changing its name from Smrdić (“old and dirty") to Izvor (“spring"). Said Smilja Kostic: "All the young people used to leave the village because they were ashamed to live in a place with such a name." This seems to me dubious reasoning: despite its tempting name, there are few or no young things living in Sin, a Huescan village with a permanent population of around 25. (Did the Belgians source this story from this Hungarian humorous clippings site? Is it true?)

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  1. Candide
    December 27th 2010 12:22

    The correct translation, if any, of Smrdic would be "stinky", or maybe by ethymology "Sohn of the stinky one".

    BTW: "Sin" means "son" in Serbian. And what about Batman in Turkey?

  2. Candide
    December 27th 2010 12:24

    oups, that typo was a cute one...


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