Day archive for April 13th, 2005

Language blog aggregator

Posted: April 13th 2005 16:16.

I'm not on my home machine very much, so I've banged together a little, slow language blog aggregator to keep me amused.

Beasts of Europe

Posted: April 13th 2005 15:53.

The word "cat" does not appear once in the proposed European constitution, although there are five "animals." Here's a search tool.

Cheshire man Morris dances proud Spaniard into submission

Posted: April 13th 2005 15:44.

Via We Are Free Morphemes: A Cheshire man sail'd into Spain, To trade for merchandise; When he arrived from the main A Spaniard him espies, A Spaniard him espies. The rest is here.

I had a large farmhouse in the Catalan mountains and I burnt it down

Posted: April 13th 2005 09:32. Last modified: August 26th 2016 23:41

Francesc Pujols' global taxonomy of women's caresses.


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