Day archive for December 31st, 2004

Him upstairs be with you

Posted: December 31st 2004 20:08. Last modified: December 31st 2004 20:16

End-of-year words.

Mountain barmaid, 6AM

Posted: December 31st 2004 18:15. Last modified: December 28th 2004 16:04

- Three eggs? - One to glaze the croissants, the others for the Guardia Civil patrol's hangovers.

Culinary exoticism

Posted: December 31st 2004 18:11. Last modified: December 31st 2004 18:00

Who's the bigger glutton, Tony Blair or Queen Eleanor?

Quixote off the mark

Posted: December 31st 2004 18:00.

2005 is pork barrel year for defence minister José Bono's home region of Castilla-La Mancha. This should help mend relations between the local socialists and Madrid, which had become strained over water redistribution policy.


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