The Charleston

"It is an overwhelming and barbarous dance. "

Trebots @ Wednesday December 22nd 2004 09:24

El Diluvio (The Flood), 1927/5/22, quoted in Paco Villar, Historia y Leyenda del Barrio Chino (1997): "In the Charleston there is neither grace, harmony, nor rhythm. It is an overwhelming and barbarous dance. A conglomerate of frenetic contortions, of fiendish leaps, of idiotic gestures, which on first sight produces the vague impression of a group suddenly subjected to a nervous attack, in an excess of relaxation of intelligence and of reason, wandering in the regions of epileptic dementia. This is a dance of today; a pack of the mentally unbalanced, of lunatics escaped from the cells of an asylum, reunited to the piercing sounds of a dissonant and uncouth music." And so it is.

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